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6个月GrabWarrior $360每周激励优惠保证


*符合这项激励的条件:保持90%以上的载客率、10%及以下的取消率,司机评分至少维持在4.3。不能使用每时租赁车(hourly rentals vehicles),每趟独立旅程并必须通过GrabShare、GrabCar Economy4及6坐位、GrabFamily4及6坐位、JustGrab服务载客。


无论乘坐需求量高或低,享受更稳定的收入。 这是为感谢你,即使乘客量低你依然时刻在线,为乘客服务。点击了解更多关于这项激励的详情。


  • 陈先生在星期天从下午2点至傍晚6点完成7趟旅程。
  • 新的Peak Hour Guarantees奖励优惠计划,保证陈先生每小时能赚取至少$27(不包括任何附加费、电子收费)。若陈先生的7趟旅程的总收费少于$27,我们将填补差异数目!
  • 这意味只要陈先生能达标,保证有$108的总收入。


*每趟旅程必须符合以下条件:不能使用每时租赁车(hourly rentals vehicles),并必须通过GrabShare、GrabCar Economy4及6坐位、GrabFamily4及6坐位、JustGrab服务载客。每趟旅程抽佣20%(附加费、电子收费、附加站费、等候费均无抽佣)。


GrabShare 6个月无匹配$1佣金保证


*符合这项激励的条件:保持90%以上的载客率、10%及以下的取消率。 注意:GrabShare预订可影响你的正常GrabCar奖励的AR、CR、DR。

最后…… 还有额外$500现金约满奖励!


Terms and Conditions

  • This Program is available to eligible Driver-Partners who sign up with GrabRentals or Grab’s exclusive fleet partners only for a 6 month Rental Contract
  • This Program cannot be combined with other GrabRentals’ incentive scheme, offer or bonus except the Loyalty / GrabRentals Rental Rebate
  • This program can be combined with $150/week GrabRentals Rental Rebate (till 30 Sep 2017) and $100/week GrabRentals Rental Rebate for the remaining contract.
    The program will start after the contract start date.
  • The start of this program depends on the program’s opt-in date & time:

  • The $500 bonus will only be paid out at the end of the Rental Contract term and may not be redeemed/claimed at any point before the end of the Rental Contract term
  • Drivers who do early termination of the Program at any time within the duration of the Program must return the vehicle and the consequences of early termination under the Rental Contract will apply.
  • Any benefits, rewards, and incentives under the Program will automatically be void and forfeited and the Driver will not be allowed to re-opt in for the same Program.
  • Drivers who do early termination of the Program will not be eligible for incentives higher than or equal to those in the SteadyOne scheme until 6 months have passed since the initial SteadyOne sign up date.
  • Exclusivity Requirement: Drivers who opt into this Program agree not to use their vehicle for any commercial activity other than solely for the purposes of providing transportation services requested by Grab users via the Grab app.
  • Drivers found to be in violation of this Exclusivity Requirement and/or Grab’s Code of Conduct agree and acknowledge that Grab reserves the absolute right and option to terminate this Program, forfeit and void any incentives that are unpaid by Grab, as well as claim back any incentives that have been paid (including through deduction from Rental Contract deposit and/or driver wallet).
  • Hourly Guarantee incentives may undergo variations in special dates such as public holidays
  • Acceptance Rate of 90%, Cancellation Rate of 10% and below, and a minimum Driver Rating of 4.3 required.
  • Grab’s decisions in the execution of this Program shall be final and conclusive – requests for appeal or review will not be entertained.
  • Grab reserves the right to withdraw, amend and/or alter any part or the whole of the terms and conditions of this Program at any time without prior notice.
  • Any and all rights of Grab under this Program and these terms and conditions may be exercised by Grabcar Pte. Ltd., Grab Rentals Pte. Ltd. and any related company of either of them.