A great ride experience starts with all of us. Simple acts of kindness, respect and courteousness can go a long way to maintain a safe and pleasant environment for everyone. Let’s all play our part by keeping these tips in mind on your next Grab ride.

Good habits go a long way

Pick up only when ready

Only click "Pick Up" once your passenger has boarded to prevent any misunderstanding.

Use GrabChat

Save money on texts and calls! GrabChat allows you to communicate with your passenger easily and for free, even for overseas numbers.

Drop off upon safe arrival

Only click "Drop Off" once the passenger has safety alighted.

Clarity is key

GrabPay vs Cash

Always verify the final fare and check the mode of payment at the start and end of the ride. Do not double charge, or forget to collect your fare from your passenger.

Confirm the drop-off location

Always make sure that the drop-off location is correct with your passenger before departing.

Be upfront

Give a verbal confirmation of any additional charges or fees that may occur to your passenger before the ride.

Declare the fare

Declare the fare and any additional items (such as toll fees) to the passenger before clicking "Complete Ride".

Providing the best experience

Be professional

A vehicle that is clean and smells good always creates the best first impression. Don't eat and smoke in your vehicle to keep your passengers happy!

Accommodating requests

Taking care of your passenger in small ways such as adjusting the air-conditioning or radio volume can make their trip a more pleasant one.

Use the recommended route

Refer to your GPS for best route. Please assure your passengers that the GPS will recommend the fastest or shortest route available. Be open to passengers' preferred route(s) if it does not affect the distance or travel time significantly.

Helping with luggage

If you are able to, do your best to help your passengers with their luggage. This will break the ice and set the tone for your trip!

Going the extra mile

Lost and found

Check to make sure that your passengers do not leave anything behind. If they do, please follow the instructions here.

Good habits go a long way

Choose the right service

Always make sure that you select the right Grab transport service to avoid any unwanted surprises!

Book only when you’re ready

Try not to make your driver wait unnecessarily. Do remember, waiting charges may apply.

Don’t cancel without good reason

Cancellations don’t benefit either party. So don’t do so unless you absolutely have to, and this includes not showing up when your driver arrives.

Use GrabChat

Save money on texts and calls! GrabChat allows you to communicate with your driver easily and for free, even for overseas numbers! Use it to your advantage and help your driver locate you.

Care for your driver’s vehicle

Help keep your driver’s vehicle clean and don’t slam the door when you exit.

Clarity is key

GrabPay vs Cash

Always check the mode of payment at the start and end of the ride. Make sure you are paying the right amount.

Choose the right destination

Your driver will drop you off at the location you’ve selected as your destination. To avoid confusion and last-minute changes, choose the right drop-off location when booking.

Confirm the trip fare

Verbally confirm the fare including any additional items such as toll fees with the driver before alighting.

Providing the best experience

ID your driver and vehicle

Ensure you get into the right car. Before getting in, always check that your driver’s car plate number and picture match the one registered in the app.

Take the recommended route

For fixed fare rides, your driver will take the fastest or shortest route as recommended by a GPS. Please keep in mind that drivers for fixed fare rides do not get paid for change in distance so avoid suggesting longer routes. If you have a preferred route, reach a mutual agreement with your driver before moving off.

Check your belongings

Before alighting, always check that you have everything with you.

Rate your driver

Rating your driver is the best way to help us improve the experience for all passengers. Leave a compliment or feedback at the end of the trip. Remember, 5* means it was an excellent experience and 1* means it was poor.