Consistently earn an extra $2,660/month ON TOP of fares

*Sign up period has ended*

Introducing the Grab PowerUp Scheme, our way of guaranteeing you take home a stable earnings every month.


Supplement your monthly necessities with Grab PowerUp Scheme


Stability is key, and by having a predictable income, you’ll be able to plan out your finances easier. $2,660/month or more can cover your groceries, personal care or even housing bills.

It’s simple; here’s what you’d have to do to achieve $2,660/month. Don’t forget, these are ON TOP of your fares collected.

*Specified Hours may be subjected to change in event of public holidays


    • To qualify for this incentive, an Acceptance Rate (AR) of above 90%, Cancellation Rate (CR) of below 10% and a minimum Driver Rating (DR) of at least 4.3 must be maintained.
    • Eligible trips are unique passenger trips on JustGrab, GrabShare, GrabCar Economy 4 & 6-seater, GrabFamily 4 & 6-seater and GrabCar Premium 4 & 6-seater.
    • Trips done using vehicles owned by hourly rentals do not count.
    • Incentives are paid 100% in cash.
    • Please note no commission is applied to surcharges (e.g. waiting time, additional stops made after booking, ERP). 100% of incentive will be paid in cash.

The Power is in your hands!

Great news! You get the flexibility of how long you’d like to stay in the scheme (minimum 3 months). But needless to say, opting in for a longer entitles you to more benefits!

For an example, signing up with us for 6 months will get you $100 credits as a sign up bonus, an estimate $2,660/month over 6 months ($17,290 in total) and a 5% weekly fare top up bonus!

Here’s an example of how the top up bonus works:

  • Mr Tan opts in to the 6 months contract, entitling him to a 5% top up bonus. If Mr Tan completes 80 trips/week with an average fare of $10, Grab will add an extra $40 (80 trips x $0.50) under the Grab PowerUp Scheme. That brings him up to a cumulative of $1040 ($40 x 26 weeks) after 6 months because of his hard work and performance!

Be sure to maintain at least 200 trips/month (that’s only 50 trips per week) if you want to stay on the scheme! This sum will be accumulated throughout the length of the scheme and paid to you at the end of your contract.


  • To qualify for the weekly top up bonus, an Acceptance Rate of 90% and above, and a Cancellation Rate of 10% and below and a minimum Driver Rating of 4.3 must be maintained during that week.
  • Partners must complete full contract duration to be entitled to receive any top up bonus.

Yay to a fixed $2,660/month!