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What is GrabRewards?

GrabRewards is our first ever loyalty program and we’re excited that it’s going into beta testing. We can’t wait to make riding more rewarding!

We’ve randomly selected passengers across the region to try it out, so we can further improve the experience before launching it for all our passengers. These passengers will earn points every time they ride with GrabCar, GrabTaxi or GrabBike – and their points earned will be shown at the end of each ride. These users will need the latest app to access it, so if you’re selected, make sure you update your Grab app.

It’s easy and effortless – take your usual rides, and be rewarded straight away.

Stay tuned for developments along the ride!

Here’s how it works

Step 1: Welcome to GrabRewards! Check your tier and view the Rewards catalogue here via “Go to Rewards”


Step 2: Explore the Rewards catalogue, where you’ll find rewards from our valued partners, as well as from Grab too!


Step 3: You can select Rewards from our catalogue to view, bookmark or redeem!


Step 4: Just tap on a Reward for more details from us, or our partners. You might even be able to book a ride to redeem it straight away!


Step 5: If you’ve redeemed a Ride Reward, we will automatically take you to our booking screen where your discount is reflected with a tick! Happy riding.


As with all experimental beta, things might change based on the results. Rest assured, our goal is to make riding with Grab more effortlessly rewarding for all our passengers.

FAQs for passengers selected for the beta test:

1. Why was I selected for GrabRewards?

You’ve been randomly selected; we wanted a cross-section of riders with different ride patterns and behaviour. This way, we seek feedback from different types of riders what’s working and what we can improve on

2. How was my tier calculated?

Your tier was calculated based on the last six months’ of your ride history. There are four tiers: Platinum (our top 1% of riders), Gold, (our top 5% of riders), Silver (our top 15% of riders) and Member. You can check how far away you are from a tier upgrade in your GrabRewards homescreen!

3. How are my points calculated?

Your points earned are based off a combination of the vehicle type, the distance travelled and the fare paid.

4. Why are my benefits different from other passengers?

At this stage, we are running extensive testing across our passenger base, and testing which benefits are most appealing to our riders. By differentiating your experience, we can identify which benefits are most important, so that we can deliver these consistently for our future releases.

5. When will this roll out for all passengers?

This will depend on the results we see in our test, but rest assured, we are committed to making riding more rewarding in 2017!

6. Why are my points earned different to other members in the beta test?

Points earned may differ in the beta test, so we can seek feedback from our valued passengers. But our points structure will be standardised, as soon as we roll out for all our customers in 2017.

7. Which rides are ineligible for points earn?

We don’t currently offer points when you book with Flash, or for rides that already enjoy another Grab promotion.

8. What are the Platinum-specific perks?

Our Platinum passengers enjoy eligibility for priority allocation (their bookings are the first to be served!) and also a prioritised customer-support line, with a dedicated number. Enjoy!