GrabCar Partner Loyalty Incentive Program Information

How can I earn with this loyalty program?
Simply collect a minimum of peak hour fares* per week (excluding surcharges for ERP, additional stops, waiting time), and fulfill the eligibility criteria detailed below to earn up to $3600 in loyalty cash incentives in just 12 weeks. And this is on top of all our other weekly and referral incentives!

As fares are usually higher during peak hours, $250 – $750 in Peak Hour fares is easily achieved with 18 – 55 trips per week. That’s just 3 – 8 trips per day!

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*There are a total of 63 selected peak hours:

– Monday – Friday : 0600 – 0959 (20 hours)
– Monday – Thursday : 1700 – 1959 (12 hours)
– Friday : 1700 – 2359 (7 hours)
– Saturday : 0800 – 2159 (14 hours)
– Sunday : 0800 – 1759 (10 hours)

Who is eligible for this program?
All NEW GrabCar Economy drivers who fulfill all the following criteria:

  • If using a rental vehicle: main hirer of a vehicle from participating fleet partners with a minimum 3 month rental contract period remaining.
  • If using own car: 6 months of COE remaining with valid ACRA

Program period
Applications must be submitted between 4th July to 30th July 2016 (“Sign up period”). As the program follows a Monday to Sunday weekly cycle, the cut off time for online enrollment into the program each week is Friday 23:59 hours. (This means applications received by Friday 23:59 hours will be considered for enrollment for 12 weeks starting from the first Monday after sign up, whereas applications received after this cut off time will only be considered for enrollment into the program from the second Monday onwards.)

Sounds great! How do I sign up?
If you own a car:

  1. Ensure your car have at least 6 months of COE remaining
  2. Follow the steps in this link
  3. Bring documents (as per step 4 in link above) to Grab office to sign up as a driver
  4. Fill up the Opt-In form for the GrabCar Partner Loyalty incentives program
  5. You are good to go and start earning!
    The first $500 you earn in loyalty incentives will be accrued and held as a Pledge, and has to be achieved within the first 6 weeks of incentive start date. If not, all accrued amounts will be forfeited and you will automatically be removed from this program. The $500 Pledge will be paid out to you within 21 days after the end of the 12 week program (even if you transfer to a Grab Fleet Partner midway through the 12 weeks).

If you would like to rent a car:

  1. Rent a car from one of our participating fleet partners with a minimum of 3 months contract
  2. Bring your rental agreement to Grab office to sign up as a driver
  3. Fill up the Opt-In form for the GrabCar Partner Loyalty incentives program
  4. You are good to go and start earning!


Alternatively, we have arranged for our fleet partners to be here at our rental marketplace from 4th July 2016 to 30th July 2016 (Mon-Fri, 10am-6pm & Sat 10am-1pm). Now you can rent a car, register as a Grab driver and opt into our loyalty incentive program all in one day and in one place!

**Participating Fleet Partners:

  • Pacific Rent A Car
  • Twincar Leasing
  • Kairos Leasing
  • Goldbell Car Rental
  • KH Leasing Pte Ltd
  • Muzi Risiyou
  • MKM Car Leasing Pte Ltd
  • Allswell Leasing & Limousin Pte Ltd
  • Car Cove Leasing Pte Ltd
  • Advance Limo & Rental Pte Ltd
  • Southern Limousine Pte Ltd
  • Blaze Motoring Pte Ltd
  • Ace Limo & Rental Pte Ltd
  • AP Carz Rental
  • Excel Limousine Services
  • Alpha Limousines & Rental Pte Ltd
  • Alpine Car Rental Pte Ltd
  • Divine Limousine Pte Ltd
  • HYMS Car Leasing Pte Ltd
  • SJ Motor Enterprise
  • Hertz (Sime Darby Services Pte Ltd)
  • Sime Darby Motors
  • Thrifty Car Rental
  • Efficient Motors Pte Ltd
  • Luxe Motors Pte Ltd
  • Lumens Auto Pte Ltd
  • Blue Star Concierge Pte Ltd
  • Blue Star Limousine Management Pte Ltd
  • Strides Transportation Pte Ltd
  • Straits Euro Motors
  • One2Rent Cars

Other Terms & Conditions

  • Only successful applicants who fulfil all the requirements of the program will be enrolled into the program.
  • Drivers who opt into this Program agree not to use their Grab-registered Vehicle for any commercial activity other than solely for the purposes of providing transportation services requested by GrabCar users via the Grab app. Drivers found to be in violation of this GrabCar Partner Loyalty Requirement and/or Grab’s Code of Conduct agree and acknowledge that:
    – Grab reserves the absolute right and option to terminate this offer, as well as forfeit and void any accrued incentives still unpaid by Grab.
    – If Driver is renting from a Grab Fleet Partner, he/she shall be required to return the car immediately and shall continue to be liable for rental due for the remaining rental term.
  • Once successfully admitted into the program, drivers who transfer between rental companies shall be automatically disqualified from this program, and all accrued incentives unpaid under this program shall be voided unless written consent from Grab is obtained.
  • Grab’s decision in the execution of this GrabCar Partner Loyalty Program shall be final and conclusive – requests for appeal and review will not be entertained.
  • Grab reserves the right to withdraw, amend and/or alter any part or the whole terms and conditions of this GrabCar Partner Loyalty Program at any time without prior notice.