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Introducing Grab’s New Own Time Own Target Programme

Want more flexible incentives?

With 3 new opt-in incentive schemes designed to suit your needs, you’ll be able to pick when and how much you want to drive!

What’s great about it? You’ll have the flexibility to try out the other incentives, or opt-out in favour of your normal trip based incentives any week!


Option 1: AR Master

No more worrying about the number of trips you can drive. With AR Master, you earn incentives through your acceptance rate!

Option 2: Total Fares Guarantee (Daily)

Drive easy with guaranteed rush hour fares! No worries about traffic, short trips or rush hour delays – Total Fares Guarantee (Daily) guarantees you a minimum rush hour fare!

Option 3: Fares Cashback

There’s nothing more efficient than earning two incentives at once! With Fares Cashback, you get a minimum fare guarantee, and a 10% cashback on all rides!

If you have previously opted in, and want to opt out or change your incentive, click the button below