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Note: This is for new drivers who are not referred by an existing GrabCar Partner. If you have been referred, please click here to learn about our special incentive for you.

Always thought of driving with Grab? Become a Grab driver partner this OCTOBER (starting from 16th Oct) and receive a Sign Up Cash Bonus of up to $1,000

*To enjoy these GrabRentals rebates and incentives, drivers must sign up for the GrabRentals Loyalty Rental Rebate programme*

[BONUS] When you rent a car from GrabRentals, you are instantly eligible for up to $150 a week in loyalty incentives and cash rebate that lasts till Sep 2018. Click here to learn more. HURRY! The sooner you sign up, the longer you’ll enjoy the rebates.

Whether you use your own car, rent from GrabRentals or is active on another ride-hailing platform, this is the best time to drive with Grab.

Join us now and get rewarded with up to $1,000 in cash, today!

By joining us, you get to enjoy not only sign up bonuses but all of the below for your first 4 weeks (calculated as 28 days upon activation)*:

1) Guaranteed Average Fare

  • Grab promises you a $10 guaranteed average fare based on your cumulative trips each week. This is to protect your time and income, especially when at times, some fares can be lower than expected!

2) Grab Warrior Incentives

  • Gives you the flexibility to choose how much you want to drive and earn. A flexible 5-tier incentive allowing you to earn up to $450 extra ON TOP of guaranteed average fares.

3) Peak Hour Challenge

  • Driving during peak hours is even more rewarding with our Peak Hour challenges! These are the best timings for you to hit the road & earn up to $275 extra ON TOP of guaranteed average fares.

*To qualify for any above, drivers need to maintain Acceptance Rate of above 90%, Cancellation Rate of below 10%, Driver Rating of at least 4.3 and be compliant with PDVL Regulations.

*T&C applies and will be stated on the weekly EDM 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do these rewards work?

  • Receive up to $88 welcome credits when you activate your GRAB account. That’s equivalent to ~35 commission-free trips!
  • Guaranteed earnings of up to $2425 weekly with Grab.
  • Our multi-tiered GrabWarrior Incentives gives you the flexibility to choose how much you want to drive and earn.
  • Grab delivers incentive schemes directly to the driver’s app and can be viewed and tracked from within the application.
  • T&Cs applies and will be clearly stated on the weekly EDM you receive.

Q: Why Rent with GrabRentals?

  • GrabRentals is a vehicle rental marketplace where Grab works with leading fleets to bring you the widest choice of vehicles at the best prices. All fleets that participate in this marketplace are screened for quality so you can shop with peace of mind.
  • Rent with GrabRentals or any of our exclusive partner fleets and receive up to $1000 cash and $150/week in rental rebates!

Q: What is Grab PowerHour?

  • It is Grab’s hourly rental programme catered to people who wishes to rent with an hourly rental fleet; Or
  • Share a ride with your friend who is already a main hirer with GrabRentals or has a Registered Own Car. As long as you are named as his/her Relief driver, you will be eligible for the incentives.
  • For more details about hourly rental fleets, please visit:

Terms & Conditions

Rent with Grab Rentals

  1. Rent with GrabRentals to enjoy up the following deals: Rebates up to $150/week. Details here.

Grab PowerHour

  1. Tribecar hirers get to enjoy a welcome credit of $18, courtesy of Tribecar.
  2. For drivers who choose to rent with hourly fleet partners, extra credits provided by hourly fleet is tied to a 1TPH (Trip Per Hour) criteria.
  3. Only applies to GrabRentals & Own Car. NEW DRIVER must be named as relief driver and complete 10 trips within 7 days of account activation. Payment made by Week 4.

For cashback in fares:

  1. Please refer to Grab PowerUp Scheme here.

For all scenarios:

  1. Trips definition: JustGrab, GrabShare, GrabCar Economy 4 & 6-seater, GrabCar Premium 4 & 6-seater, GrabFamily 4 & 6-seater only.
  2. Reward Eligibility:
    • Welcome Credit: $88 Welcome Credit paid upon account activation.
    • For any signup cash bonus, NEW DRIVER needs to complete 10 trips within 7 days of account activation.

Other Terms and Conditions

In registering for this incentive, the participating driver acknowledges that: he/she has read and understood the terms of his/her existing rental agreement with any other vehicle provider and confirm that by participating in the scheme, they are not in breach of any obligation under the rental said agreement; the vehicle they will be using for the scheme is not subject to any restriction that prohibits the vehicles from being used for purposes of the scheme; & he/she has not informed Grab nor is Grab aware of any reason that would disqualify the driver from participating in the scheme.