My Destination

This is a feature that allows driver-partners to key in a particular destination and receive jobs that are nearby, or along the way to the set destination. (e.g. driving home, driving to office).

What does this mean for you?

In the video below, you will learn how it works. After viewing, recap the important things to note in the next section.


Video Length: 3:25 mins

Important Things to Note :

  1. You have two My Destination uses a day. Each use is counted if you successfully complete one job while on My Destination mode. If you complete multiple jobs on the way to the set destination, it still counts as one use.
  2. Your daily count will reset at midnight daily (i.e. 00:00 hours).
  3. Accepting, ignoring, cancelling, and completing a My Destination job will affect a driver-partner’s AR, CR and DR , like any other job.
  4. Jobs completed for My Destination do not count towards incentives (trip based or hourly guaranteed).
  5. Enabling the feature does not guarantee the availability of jobs. Availability of jobs is determined by : 1) the selected destination  2) passenger demand.
  6. The feature does not apply to GrabShare, back-to-back jobs, advanced bookings, and multi-stop rides.

Start using it today!