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Helping you cater to the little ones!

As part of our dedication to our partners, Grab will be absorbing the cost of your first mifold when you join GrabFamily – the first on-demand child booster seat-equipped rides in SEA. That means you’ll get your first mifold for free!

If you’re new to GrabFamily, all you’d have to do is…

  • Attend a training and collect your mifold
    • When: Monday – Friday (Except Public Holidays), 10am – 6pm
      • Training sessions are conducted every 30 minutes. Last session will be conducted at 6pm
    • Where: 28 Sin Ming Lane, Midview City #01-143, Training Room 2
  • Maintain an Acceptance Rate (AR) of above 80% every month

If you’re an existing GrabFamily Partner

  • Make sure that you have an Acceptance Rate (AR) of above 80% from the months August to October to qualify for the refund.
  • If you do not, fret not! You will have till the end of the year to achieve the AR of above 80%. A refund will be given to you the moment the rating is hit, at any given month.
Kindly note that the refund will be only for your first mifold. Should you like to get your hands on a second mifold, you can purchase it using your Credit Wallet at Grab @ Sin Ming.

mifold Subsidy Terms & Conditions:

Drive with GrabFamily

  1. The terms and conditions for the mifold subsidy are applicable to all existing and future GrabFamily drivers.
  2. GrabFamily drivers will be equipped with 1 mifold, provided by Grab, and will be activated for GrabFamily bookings.

mifold Subsidy

  1. The mifold subsidy is only only applicable to selected drivers. Selected drivers will be notified of the collection details and venue.
  2. Grab will subsidize and provide one mifold for selected drivers.
  3. Drivers are allowed to collect a maximum of 2 mifolds (1 free and 1 paid). Payment for the second mifold can be done via cash or credits (Grab Wallet)
  4. Qualifying GrabFamily drivers who have previously paid for their mifolds will be refunded at the end of October.

mifold Refund Qualifying Criteria

  1. Active drivers on GrabFamily who meet the minimum performance requirements will receive a refund for ONE mifold.
  2. An average minimum Acceptance Rate of 80% from August to October must be met in order to qualify for the refund.
  3. Non-qualifying drivers who meet the minimum Acceptance Rate of 80% in November’17/December’17 with no negative passenger feedback will qualify for the refund.


  1. All GrabFamily drivers are required to maintain a monthly acceptance rate of of 80% every month.
  2. Grab reserves the right to clawback $30, the cost of the mifold, from drivers who do not maintain the minimum monthly Acceptance Rate of 80%.

Other Terms & Conditions

  1. Always have your mifold onboard, and offer it to passengers for GrabFamily bookings. Please ensure that the mifold is set up correctly. Grab actively monitors unsafe behaviour and passenger complaints regarding child safety.
  2. The resale of mifold seats are strictly prohibited and would be considered a breach of code of conduct. Drivers on GrabFamily will be liable for penalties if caught abusing the mifold subsidy.