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SME Financing Short Form

SME Financing Short Form
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Building a small business from scratch is hard work. At Grab, we understand you have dreams of making it big, so we’re here to help. We pride ourselves on being truly friendly to new businesses because we know it can be difficult for young companies to find funding.

For starters, being in business for six months is a good first step for you to qualify for financing. And you get to choose how much you want to borrow – anything up to S$100,000 for a credit facility, at low interest rates. We’re here to support you on your entrepreneurial journey.

Merchant Credit Line

Whether you’re looking for funds to stock up on inventory to meet seasonal demand or to meet short-term business needs, Grab’s Merchant Credit Line will provide you with the flexibility to fulfill what you need.

Zero upfront cost

Accepting a credit line is absolutely free

Hassle-free drawdown process

Quick and flexible access to funds

Low Interest Rate

As low as 0.7% per month

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Important Information

Check this list to see if your business is eligible.

Limited liability partnership or Limited liability companies

Business is at least 30% owned by a Singapore citizen or PR

Staff size of less than 200

Been in operations for at least six months


We are committed to helping small and medium-sized enterprises expand their businesses by fulfilling their micro financing needs and better management of cash flows through a tailored repayment framework.

Please refer to the Important Information section of our page to check if you qualify.

The approval will take up to five business days upon receipt of your completed application and  submission of required documents. That’s how quick we are! Upon acceptance and approval, you will receive your funds in three business days.

  1. Disbursal Fee: 5% of the total financing amount
  2. Late Fee: Two times of the existing monthly interest rate applicable to the facility on the overdue principal amount
  3. Repayment Fee: No repayment fee for partial or full prepayment

The information provided here is intended as a guide only and does not constitute a loan application or an offer of finance. Any finance or loan request is subject to Grab’s internal assessment, standard disclaimers and terms and conditions. Other terms and conditions apply.

Read the full terms and conditions.