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Learn the basics to get your store up and running.


Master the best practices of selling online and operating efficiently.


Find opportunities to increase sales.

Get Ready

  • Building your menu

Make first impressions count with your menu. Learn about adding items and categories, and how to use photos and descriptions to drive sales.

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  • Allowing customers to customise their order

Give customers the power to tailor their meals by adding option groups to your menu. Create customisation for build-your-own meals, sweetness levels, and more.

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  • Tips on creating an appealing menu

Learn how to use photos, descriptions, and other nudges to convert more customers.

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  • How to make your food look irresistible in photos

Items with photos generate 2x more sales. No professional photographer or high-quality camera, no problem! Learn how to use your smartphone to take and edit appetizing photos of your dishes.

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  • Changing your store hours

Always make sure your store hours are up-to-date in the app. Learn how to change your regular opening hours, or schedule special hours for one-off events like public holidays.

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  • Learn the Merchant Code of Conduct

Find about our community guidelines and how you can play your role as our merchant-partner to uphold our community standards.

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Start Selling

  • How to manage orders efficiently

Master the steps to smooth operations. Learn how to manage orders from start to finish, and keep operations running efficiently.

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  • How to change an order

What happens when a customer orders something that’s out-of-stock? Learn how to handle the situation professionally and edit the order in the app.

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  • Cancelling an order

Sometimes, the unavoidable happens and you find yourself unable to fulfil an order. Don’t worry, follow these steps to manage the situation and cancel the order through the app.

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  • How to change an item’s availability

If an item runs out at the last minute, act fast and update it on your menu so customers won’t be able to order it. Learn how in this video.

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  • Resolve common order issues

Understand common issues faced by merchant-partners when managing online orders and what are steps you can take to avoid and resolve them.

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  • Prepare and cook food safely 

Learn the best practices on preparing, cooking and reheating food safely.

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  • Practise personal hygiene in the kitchen 

Go through the key steps of maintaining personal hygiene to prevent food safety incidents.

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  • Prevent food contamination

Understand how food contamination happens and what you can do to prevent it.

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  • Improve food packaging

Learn from best practices on how to prevent food spillage when orders are delivered.

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Grow Your Business

  • Tips on running effective promotions

Learn the why, what, when, and how of creating effective promotions on GrabFood.

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  • Use social media to increase brand awareness 

Get easy tips on how to connect with customers on social media, make your restaurant seen, and turn your fanbase into sales.

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Komsan Chiyadis

GrabFood delivery-partner, Thailand

Komsan Chiyadis

GrabFood delivery-partner, Thailand

COVID-19 has dealt an unprecedented blow to the tourism industry, affecting the livelihoods of millions of workers. One of them was Komsan, an assistant chef in a luxury hotel based in the Srinakarin area.

As the number of tourists at the hotel plunged, he decided to sign up as a GrabFood delivery-partner to earn an alternative income. Soon after, the hotel ceased operations.

Komsan has viewed this change through an optimistic lens, calling it the perfect opportunity for him to embark on a fresh journey after his previous job. Aside from GrabFood deliveries, he now also picks up GrabExpress jobs. It can get tiring, having to shuttle between different locations, but Komsan finds it exciting. And mostly, he’s glad to get his income back on track.