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Introducing the GrabCar Platinum Partner Programme

It’s all thanks to our partners that Grab has managed to come this far. We have designed an exclusive GrabCar Platinum Partner programme as our way of rewarding top performing partners.

What is the Platinum Partner Programme all about?

It is an exclusive by invitation 3-month programme that rewards the top performing partners with attractive benefits such as:

Successful participants will enjoy all these added benefits for 3 months and upon consistent performance, your Platinum status will be renewed for a further 3 months!

How do I become a GrabCar Platinum Partner?


To qualify for the programme, be among the top 30 GrabCar partners to have minimally fulfilled the following criteria over 3 consecutive months:

  • Collected a minimum of $5000 in unique fares (excluding GCP fares),
  • Have an Acceptance Rate of 90% & above,
  • Have a Cancellation Rate of 10% & below,
  • Have a minimum Driver Rating of 4.7,
  • Strictly adhere the Grab Code of Conduct (not be involved in any fraudulent activities and serious behaviour complains),
  • Drive exclusively for GrabCar only (not active as a driver on any other ride sharing apps),
  • Achieved a 5-star rating for at least 90% of rides.

If you are selected, you’ll receive an invitation from us via SMS. Upon receiving it, notify us of your interest in the programme and we’ll be in touch!


For the list of all GrabCar Partner benefits, click here.