Instant GrabHitch is here to help!

What is Instant GrabHitch?

At times, due to overwhelming demand, our Grab drivers are unavailable to take your booking. Now Instant GrabHitch will be shown as an additional option to get you to your destination quickly.

Just make your usual booking on JustGrab, GrabCar or GrabTaxi, and if unallocated, the offer to get an Instant GrabHitch will be shown to you automatically when there’s an available GrabHitch driver nearby.


Why Instant GrabHitch?

Enjoy GrabHitch Pricing – GrabHitch drivers are non-commercial private car owners looking to recover driving costs by giving riders a lift. Hence, GrabHitch fares are 20-40% cheaper than commercial services and fixed all day!
Already on the way – Once you accept, your GrabHitch driver who is nearby will head over to pick you up ASAP. Please don’t cancel!
Direct to Destination – Instant GrabHitch rides take you straight to where you need without any detours.
Non-Shared – Instant GrabHitch drivers do not have other passengers on board so you will have the car to yourself.


How does Instant GrabHitch work?

  1. When GrabCar or GrabTaxi drivers are not available to take your booking, we will offer you the choice of searching for a GrabHitch driver who is already on the road.
  2. After you say yes, state how many seats you need before confirming- only up to 2 passengers are allowed
  3. You can choose to accept or reject it and go back to your home screen. GrabHitch fares are fixed and listed on the button itself, so there are no hidden fees!


Take note!

Promo codes and GrabRewards points are currently not applicable for Instant GrabHitch rides.
For more enquiries regarding Instant GrabHitch, please email us at


How about advance GrabHitch?

GrabHitch is a social carpooling service powered by Singapore’s largest community of non-commercial drivers, of whom 80% are PMETs.

Hitch Drivers give you a lift along the way so that you get to enjoy fixed fares all day at 20-40% cheaper than commercial services and contribute to the car-lite movement.

You can request for your rides up to 7 days in advance at no additional fee too!
Rest assured, Hitch Drivers and their vehicles are thoroughly vetted upon sign-up and all GrabHitch rides are fully insured.


How do I make an advance GrabHitch booking?


Be the perfect GrabHitch Rider!



We are sincere about getting you a ride so we’ve found you a Hitch Driver who happens to be heading the same way, at the same time as you!

Hitch Drivers are non-commercial, everyday commuters just like you. By giving fellow riders a lift, Hitch Drivers get to cover a portion of their petrol costs.

Upon signing up, all Hitch Drivers and their vehicles are carefully vetted and verified. We also constantly monitor their activity to ensure that our community remains safe and our rides are enjoyable.

Hitch Drivers are non-commercial, everyday drivers who are giving riders a lift on the way. Since they are not commercial drivers, they would prefer you not to treat them like one. You’re encouraged to take the front seat and be open to friendly conversations
– GrabHitch is social carpooling!

Instant GrabHitch will only be offered to you after you have failed thrice at booking an on-demand service.

On-the-Go allows you to pick up riders immediately while you are on the road (in an empty car). Simply turn the feature on, key in your destination and you will receive a ping whenever there is a quality match near you (in real-time).

Quick Hitch is a way for you to check out the list of advance requests around you so that you can plan ahead!

We strongly recommend you to always try to plan ahead and accept Hitch requests in advance. However, if you are not able to find any suitable matches ahead of time, and you are ready to give someone a lift, simply turn on On-the-Go to find an immediate match!

Kindly ensure you meet the additional requirements for On-the-Go rides (at least 2 empty seats, clear boot space and no other passenger on-board, not even family members please!)

Yes! Please ensure you have at least 2 empty seats, clear boot space, and no other passengers on-board (not even your family members)!

Unlike advance Hitch where you can contact your rider upon accepting his/her request to confirm pickup arrangement, there is no negotiation for On-the-Go rides. Simply confirm and proceed to the pickup point immediately as your rider is already waiting!

We’ve randomly selected a group of Hitch Drivers for the beta testing of this new feature so that we can improvise before rolling it out to everyone. You’ll see the OTG button at the top right hand corner of your driver screen if you have been selected.

Otherwise, kindly wait for the full launch of the feature – which will definitely be better!

On-the-Go Hitch rides follow the same fares as that of advance Hitch. ERP fees should be borne by you so please do not ask your rider for it!

You are not allowed to take any other requests once you have accepted an On-the-Go ride.

On-the-Go rides are not allowed to be shared.

Regardless of advance Hitch rides or On-the-Go rides, you are required to follow LTA’s carpooling regulations for non-commercial drivers.

GrabHitch drivers are expected to abide by LTA’s carpooling regulations of not more than 2 carpooling trips a day. Each trip is defined as the location of your first rider’s pick-up point to your own intended destination. Each trip may consist of more than 1 pick-up as long as the pick-ups are along the same way, and the aggregate amount that GrabHitch drivers collect does not exceed the expenses incurred for the carriage of all the riders.

On-the-Go rides are not allowed to be shared which means you can’t have any other riders on board, including riders from advance bookings and even your own family members.

On-the-Go riders have requested for an immediate ride and would already be at the specified location waiting to be picked up. Please do not accept the request if you cannot make it within the specified time as you would not want to hold others up!

On-the-Go riders have originally booked an on-demand service but are not able to find a driver available to pick them up. They may not fully understand the concept of GrabHitch, or the difference between commercial drivers and social carpooling.

We seek your patience as we do our best to educate all riders on our social carpooling etiquette!

Absolutely not! You’re strongly encouraged to continue to accept bookings in advance as usual.

Use On-the-Go when you’re ready to Hitch someone instantly, or can’t find a suitable match in advance.

On-the-Go riders have originally booked an on-demand service such as JustGrab, GrabTaxi or GrabCar but were unable to find a driver available.

Since they are heading the same way as you, we reallocate their requests to you in real-time.

Of course not! You have full autonomy to decide if you want to accept or reject the pings according to your preferences. However, once you’ve accepted and the ride is confirmed, please proceed to the pickup point immediately as your rider is right there waiting.

Of course not! On-the-Go is an optional feature meant to complement/enhance your Hitch experience. You can simply toggle the feature on or off by tapping on the button at the top right hand corner of your Hitch Driver screen.

ERP fees should be borne by you so please don’t ask your rider for it.

In the event of an accident during a GrabHitch ride, whether an advanced or On-the-Go booking, your personal private motor insurance should typically cover the costs incurred, as long as you keep within the limit of 2 carpooling trips a day.