Stay on top of your earnings,
straight from the app!

With our latest Grab Driver App update, you’ll be able to view and
keep track of your daily fares and weekly earnings easily from the app.

Weekly Statements Are Now
Easily Accessible

You can now view a summary of your fares including incentives,
promos and ride fares conveniently from the app!
Of course, a full statement will still be emailed to you.

Here’s how you can access your weekly statements in the app:

We’ve done the
calculation for you

You can now visually track your daily earnings and access
your weekly summary conveniently from the app. Making it easier
for you to see how well you’ve performed, plan ahead and set
your own personal target.

Here’s how you keep track of your daily and weekly earnings in the app:

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You will now get a visual and immediate display of your daily trip based earnings, If you are a SG based driver, this would complement your weekly existing PDF statement. Your weekly PDF statement will be sent to your email and in our next version, the PDF statement will be accessible from the app as well.

The daily fares that are included in the bar charts only include trip based fares. All incentives are given in the statement provided weekly.

The in-app history display demonstrates daily trip based fares and does not include incentives yet. In future versions we will include incentives in the daily trip based history for it to be easily accessible.

There are no changes to the payout cycle.