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Recover petrol costs with GrabHitch!

What is GrabHitch?

We are a social carpooling service that matches everyday drivers to passengers going along the same way.

  • Anyone with a car and valid license (with min 1 year experience) can sign up. You do not require any additional provisional license or commercial insurance^.
  • There is no obligation to do rides on a regular basis, and you choose who to pick up and when to do so. 

Did you know? An average Hitch Driver saves 58% on petrol, just by picking someone up along the way!

Why should you sign up as a GrabHitch driver? 

  • If you pick up and drop off one person to and everyday, you can potentially recover enough money to cover your petrol cost!
  • Contribute to Singapore’s car lite movement, help to ease traffic congestion and reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Signing up only takes 5 minutes and you can do it straight from your mobile phone! Simply open the Grab App and follow the steps below. Get $20 credit in your driver wallet when you sign up and complete your first GrabHitch ride with referral code HITCHATC by 31 December!*Your application will be approved in 1-3 business days.

*Terms apply

^Under LTA’s regulations, you need to have a PDVL to drive Hitch if you registered with a PHV-registered car. 

How does GrabHitch work for drivers? 

Step 1: Once approved, open your Grab App and click on the upper left icon to view Tab. Tap the bottom banner to switch to “Hitch Driver” mode.

Step 2: Create a route based on where you are, and where you want to go at a specified time/date. Remember to indicate available seats you have, and whether you prefer a same gender rider.

The app will populate riders most suitable to your route. Alternatively, use the QuickHitch function to find nearby Hitchers without creating a route.

Step 3: Pick a suitable rider, accept the booking and remember to confirm with the rider via text!

Step 4: Accept payment once ride is over, either via cash or credit/ Grabpay.

Cashout payment will be through app to your specified account.


Do take note that based on current carpooling regulations, non-commercial drivers can only complete 2 trips in a calendar day.  Each trip is defined as the location of your first rider’s pick-up point to your own intended destination, and may consist of more than 1 pick-up as long as the pick-ups are along the same way. Please note that commercial drivers with a PDVL and PHV-registered car need not adhere to this 2 trips limit. 

*Terms and Conditions:

  • This incentive is only eligible for new drivers who sign up and successfully complete 1 Hitch ride as a driver by 31 December.
  • New drivers must sign up with the referral code HITCHATC in order to qualify for the $20 credit.
  • The processing of the $20 credit will only be conducted after the incentive period has ended (i.e. post 31 December).
  • Please allow up to 10 working days from the end of the incentive period for the disbursement of the $20 credit into your Hitch Driver wallet.
  • GrabHitch reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at anytime without prior notice.
  • Have questions? Email us at with subject “HitchATC” and we will get back to you in 2-3 business days.