To power up your Hitch journey, all Hitch Club Drivers will enjoy up to $25 cash back monthly on Shell fuel* (when you fill up a minimum of 100 litres of Shell fuel)!

That’s ON TOP of any existing Shell or credit card discounts you may already enjoy.

And ’cause you’re one smart cookie, here’s how you can maximize your fuel savings:

^Monthly gross fuel spend is calculated based on 100 litres of Shell fuel purchased at $2.27 (gross) per litre. This price is for illustration purpose only. *Other Terms and Conditions apply.

PLUS! From November 1st, simply present your Hitch Club profile and Shell Escape Card to any Shell car wash operator and:

Enjoy greater savings when you pay with Citi, HSBC or UOB credit cards.

Step 1:
Register your Shell Escape card here

  • Use your Grab – App registered mobile number.

  • Shell Escape Card – 19 Digits (No spaces/dashes)

  • Your email address

By clicking “Submit”, you agree to all Terms & Conditions here.

Step 2:
Fill up at Shell and continue Hitching

Step 3:
Ensure that you have filled up min 100 litres of Shell fuel by the end of the month

Visit any Shell station to get your Shell Escape Card

What benefits will I enjoy as part of this membership?
With our commitment to bringing additional value beyond carpooling, we have partnered with Shell on this exclusive deal. You will receive monthly cash back once you fill up with a minimum of 100 litres of Shell fuel in a calendar month.

How much cash back will I be entitled to?
The cash back amount is dependent on your Hitch Club tier on the last day of each month. Drivers in Rookie, Go-Getter, Pro and Champ tier get $15, $15, $20, $25 respectively.

If I fill up with at least 200 litres of Shell fuel in a month, do I get double the cash back?
Cash back is payout monthly and will be capped at $15, $15, $20, $25 for drivers in Rookie, Go-Getter, Pro and Champ tier respectively regardless of the additional fuel purchased on top of the minimum fuel requirement of 100 litres per month.

How do I sign up for this programme?
Register with your Shell Escape card number and ensure that you have filled up with a minimum of 100 litres of Shell fuel by the end of each month to be eligible for the monthly cash back.

If you are not in Hitch Club, complete 1 ride to unlock Rookie tier and start enjoying this offer from the following Monday onwards.

Is this cash back on top of all the other Shell and credit card discounts/rebates?
Yes. This cash back is on top of all existing Shell and credit card discounts/rebates.

When will my fuel purchase contribute to fuel requirements?
The total amount of fuel purchased will be calculated for each calendar month, regardless of your registration date.

For example, if you unlock the Rookie tier on 17th September, and register on 19th September, the total amount of fuel purchased for September (1st September 2018 to 30th September 2018) will be calculated to ascertain if you have fill the minimum of the 100 litres requirement.

I am not part of the Shell Escape programme. Am I still eligible?
This promotion is specially created for all Shell Escape Cardmembers. You can apply for a card at any Shell station.

I have participated in the previous Shell and GrabHitch collaborations. Do I still need to register my Shell Escape Card number?
Yes. This is a new programme which will require you to register your Shell Escape Card number to participate.

Once you are done registering on this webpage, you will not need to register again to be eligible for the programme.

I am a GrabCar Driver using the Shell Value Drive Card (VDC). Am I also eligible for the cash back?
No. Shell Corporate, Shell Value Drive and Shell Value Care cards are not eligible for this promotion. Cash back is only eligible to Shell Escape Cardmembers.

I have provided the wrong Shell Escape Card number during registration! What can I do?
Do submit a request here, and we will update your details for you.

I have changed my Shell Escape Card number in the middle of the month. Can I combine the amount of Shell fuel purchased to make up the 100 litres?
No. The 100 litres Shell fuel requirement is tagged to a specific Shell Escape Card number. The amount of fuel purchased in litres cannot be combined across multiple cards.

When will I receive the cash back?
If eligible, the cash back amount will be credited directly to your driver wallet by the last week of the following month.

How do I redeem a Shell Car Wash for 180 Shell Escape Points (instead of 220 Points)? 
The process of redemption is as such:
[1] Head to any Shell car wash operator (washing bay),
[2] Show your Hitch Club Profile (from your Passenger App) and provide your Shell Escape Card,
[3] The car wash operator will take your details down and deduct 180 Shell Escape Points on the spot

I have other questions regarding the Shell Escape programme, who should I contact?  
You may contact Shell at:

Please view full T&Cs for Shell Cash Back here.

Please view full T&Cs for Shell Car Wash here.