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GrabCar is a product under the Grab app that allows passengers to book a chauffeured ride for a fee. Grab ensures only vehicles and drivers with the appropriate commercial licenses are allowed to register as GrabCar service providers.

No, simply use the same Grab app and just select the relevant GrabCar icon to make your booking

Yes, additional surcharges apply for extra stops made. Kindly refer to additional surcharges under the relevant GrabCar sections.

Some examples of our existing fleet include:

  • GrabCar: Toyota Altis, Honda Civic, Nissan Latio
  • GrabCar (Premium): Mercedes-Benz (E-Class & S-Class), BMW (5-series & 7-series), Audi (A6 & A8)
  • 6-seater (Economy): Toyota Wish, Honda Stream, Toyota Estima, Honda Odyssey, Mazda 5
  • 6-seater (Premium): Toyota Vellfire, Toyota Viano, Toyota Alphard, Mercedes Vito

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GrabTaxi is a product under the Grab App that provides taxi booking and dispatching services.

Standard booking fees apply. Rates depend on the taxi fleet that you board as different fleets have different charges. Kindly refer to our “Fare Table” above for more info.

There is no additional service fee on top of the usual booking fees charged by the respective fleet operators.

We provide you with your driver’s information so feel free to call your designated driver. If you have any further concerns, do email us at

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Please click here to sign up as a driver

Yes! GrabHitch is fully legal and in complete accordance with Singapore’s regulations. LTA through the Road Traffic Act has made it possible for drivers to be compensated for providing carpooling services as of March 2015.

All products are housed under the Grab app. GrabTaxi is a cab-hailing service, while GrabCar is a commercial platform for drivers to pick up passengers when taxis are not readily available at a certain location. GrabHitch however is a social ridesharing platform which aims to be affordable and convenient to use for both commuters and private car owners.

Well, cheaper rides is one main reason! Taking a GrabHitch can be 20-40% cheaper than other options like Taxis. Furthermore, you can meet interesting people and maybe even make a new life-long friend. Some of our users have rediscovered long lost childhood friends, secured job interviews or wedding photography services, and even received parenting tips from their new friends!

All GrabHitch drivers and their vehicles are vetted and verified by a dedicated Grab team, and we continue to monitor driver activity to ensure that GrabHitch continues to be a safe platform for everyday use.

GrabHitch drivers will only be able to see your name, profile photo and mutual friends that you may have in common from Facebook. Also, the driver will not be able to contact you until he confirms your booking.

You can create all your bookings through the GrabHitch tab in the Grab app. Just set your pick-up and drop-off points, schedule a trip from 5 minutes up to 7 days in advance, select book and our servers will ping your route request to drivers who share similar journeys. You’ll be notified via SMS and in-app notification when a driver has confirmed your booking, and a reminder will be sent to you 30 minutes before your scheduled departure time.

You can cancel the booking in-app, but we encourage you to notify the driver via SMS or phone call as soon as you realise you need to cancel to avoid inconveniencing him/her. After all, our GrabHitch drivers are very busy people just like you!

You can book an unlimited number of rides a day.

There is a possibility that you could be sharing the car with the driver’s own friends or family, or another passenger who boarded before you. However the majority of our rides only involve the driver and one passenger.

Your journey fare is calculated based on your pickup and drop off locations and the price will be displayed in the app once you input these locations. ERP fees are not calculated into the cost and some drivers may request that you split it with them prior to the ride.

Payment is easy! You can choose to pay via GrabPay (credit card) or cash, but please remember to select either option before you make the booking.

Do write it down in the ‘Notes to driver’ box before you book your route, and after confirmation we suggest you SMS the driver to double-check. It never hurts to ask!

We suggest that you try to call or SMS the driver first, and if he/she remains uncontactable, cancel the trip and request for another ride.

We suggest that you not board the vehicle and report the incident to us as soon as possible by writing to

GrabHitch is not an on-demand commercial service, so the private car drivers on the platform only provide Hitch rides at their convenience and on their own schedules. The booking that you make may also not match any available driver journeys for the particular date or time you want to travel at.

  1. Book in advance to maximise the chances of you getting a driver! Book the night before for a morning commute or a few hours beforehand for a same-day ride.
  2. Your driver is not a commercial driver like our GrabCar partners so remember to treat Hitch drivers the same way you would treat a friend giving you a (very cheap) lift to your destination!
  3. Sit in the front seat and smile! Break the ice by talking about your job, sports you’re into, movies you’ve watched, anything really!

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GrabShare is an on-demand carpooling service, which allows you to share your ride and your fare with another party going in the same direction. You can book anytime, with no need for advance bookings.

All our GrabShare drivers are from our professional GrabCar fleet, and are ready to take you wherever you need to go.

GrabShare rides will always be priced at a fraction of GrabCar rides, and you will save 30% off the fare on each ride.

There are a maximum of two pick-up and two drop-off points for each GrabShare ride: yours & your fellow rider’s! This way you won’t be delayed unnecessarily, as you head towards your destination.

In the spirit of sharing the ride and sharing the fare, all tolls & fares incurred in a GrabShare ride will be split equally between the passengers.

Please bring only one additional passenger for your GrabShare booking. If you need to book for more than two people, please book a GrabCar.

Your GrabShare driver will wait a maximum of 3 minutes for you.

You will not be able to change your ride destination once you have booked a ride. If you wish to change your destination, do cancel the ride and rebook another.

The drop-off sequence is determined by the app to provide the most optimised route between your drop-off points. That is why you can not change the predetermined drop-off sequence.

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  • At least 21 years of age
  • Singaporean / PR
  • Minimum 2 years driving experience

The great thing about being a GrabCar driver is that you are your own boss. This means you decide when and how much you want to drive.

On average, our drivers earn up to:

  • $38/hour during peak hours
  • $30/hour during non-peak hours

On top of this, Grab offers additional incentives which means you can earn even more!

Yes, our sessions are held at our office and scheduled as follows:

  • Wednesday: 7pm
  • Saturday: 2pm

Our office is located at: 18 Sin Ming Lane, #01-11 Midview City, Singapore 573960

We’re thrilled that you’re taking your first steps with Grab! Please click on the buttons below for a step-by-step guide for driving with Grab.

I have my own car

I need a rental car

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No as we are licensed by LTA to operate as a third party taxi booking app in Singapore.

We unfortunately do not provide taxi rental. Please approach taxi fleet operators for rental.

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You don’t have to go anywhere! Just open your Grab app, swipe to the GrabHitch tab and select the DRIVE button to start the registration process. Submit a few photos and we’ll approve you within 2 working days if everything checks out.

Yes! GrabHitch is fully legal and in complete accordance with Singapore’s regulations. LTA through the Road Traffic Act has made it possible for drivers to be compensated for providing carpooling services as of March 2015.

As a GrabHitch driver, you get to do 3 major things: Cover your fuel and car maintenance costs, meet new people from all walks of life, and contribute to a car-lite Singapore! You create routes at your own convenience and you decide which passengers to pick up. You can choose to do it twice a day, on a particular weekday every week, only on weekends – its all up to you really!

They’re not the same at all! GrabCar drivers have to register a business, purchase commercial insurance, convert their car to a commercial vehicle at the LTA and then sign up in person at the Grab office. To be a GrabHitch driver, you just need to launch the Grab app, take a couple of photos and submit them for verification.

No! Grab currently deducts ZERO service fee from our GrabHitch drivers as our platform is meant to enable a social ridesharing experience, so as a driver you get 100% of the fare.

You select who you want to pick up, so if you do not see any passengers in your area who are going the same way, you can always refrain from doing a GrabHitch at that time and try again with another trip!

GrabHitch is meant to subsidise the cost of driving and not serve as a fully fledged income stream, but you can expect to receive between $8 to $12 per trip on average. You can even sort passengers by the fare that you could possibly earn from picking them up.

ERP fees are not calculated into the fares of passengers you pick up.

Based on current carpooling regulations, drivers can only complete two rides in a calendar day.

After your application has been approved, click DRIVE, and then select the button Create Route. After you have confirmed your date and timing details, you will be alerted to passengers who share similar journeys in the app. You can also sort through a list of passengers who fit your journey based on different parameters (proximity, price) if you select your route from the main Hitch driver screen.

You can cancel the booking in-app, but we encourage you to notify the passenger via SMS or phone call as soon as you realise you need to cancel to avoid inconveniencing him/her.

You can choose to pick passengers paying by either GrabPay (credit card) or Cash depending on their booking made. If you pick up a passenger using GrabPay, your earnings will be credited directly into a digital driver wallet created when you were approved as a driver. This wallet credit can be cashed out at any time, all you have to do is provide us with your bank account details the very first time you ask to cashout.

Each booking may have more than one passenger. Passengers who make the booking can indicate how many people are with them, so you’ll know ahead of time the total number of passengers you will be picking up. You will be paid per booking regardless of the number of passengers who were part of the booking.

Same as GrabTaxi and GrabCar bookings, passengers will input exact addresses as pickup locations so that you know exactly where to pick them up. This is to ensure the best possible experience for both you and the passenger.

Your vehicle insurance and personal insurance will cover the accident. If assistance is required, both you and the passenger can contact us through our 24-hour hotline (+65 6570 3925) or through email at

You can use GrabHitch both as a passenger and driver on the same app, and we do not penalise drivers for not providing regular rides so don’t worry!

  1. Be kind and spare a thought for your passenger’s time! SMS or call if you’re going to be early or late to their pick-up point.
  2. Keep the front seat free and leave your bags and other items in the back seat.
  3. Be friendly and break the ice by talking about your job, sports you’re into, movies you’ve watched, anything really!

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Grab for Work is our business transportation solution that helps you maximise productivity while providing flexibility and insights to your company. It allows companies to log in online to set up groups, track transport spends, manage ride policies and enable group payments.

Refer to our home page for more information.

You can manage your company or team rides better via our group feature online.

Log in via and set up Grab for Work in 3 simple steps
1. Log in with your Grab account
2. Set up a group
3. Invite your employees via their work email

Once you are done, your employees can ride with Grab and link their business-tagged rides to your group!

You will also have the option to set ride policies and enable payment options (credit card) to help you manage the way your employees travel.

You can log in via with the mobile number that you registered on the Grab app and create a group with a work email address to get started!

You will need to download the Grab app via Google Play or Apple App Store on your mobile device to create your account. Log in via with the mobile number that you have registered on the Grab app to get started!

You will need to provide the following to create a group for Grab for Work:

1 Company name, address and work email address (e.g.
2. Employee details: name and eligible work email addresses.
3. Corporate card details (optional)

Grab for Work is available in all 6 countries that Grab is operating in (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam).

You can choose to set up Grab for Work groups in any country you operate from.

We have a variety of vehicle types (bikes, standard taxis, standard cars, executive cars, 6 to 13-seaters) and options for all business needs and budgets across Southeast Asia. Availability of vehicle types vary in each country. Please refer to for more information.

Download the Grab app and make bookings as per normal rides. Do remind your employees to tag their rides using their Grab for Work group tag and to choose the preferred payment method (if your company has enabled this option).

Getting Started

A group is a selection of people that can share Payment Methods and Ride Policies. You can create groups by company, cost centre, department or team.

Log in via to start a group. You will become the default Admin.

Go to the profile tab and click on edit. You can deactivate the group and delete it.

Admins can access the group’s trip history, manage group payments or set ride policy settings for the group.

You can only see ride details that are tagged to the group by your group members. You will not be able to view their personal rides.

For business continuity, it is advised to have multiple Admins in each group.

You can do so in two simple steps:

1. Add members to the group
2. Promote activated members as Admins.

They will receive an in-app notification of the promotion with no further action required.

An existing Admin will need to designate someone else as an Admin before removing him/herself.

Manage members

Click on the “Manage Members” tab. You can do an individual or bulk CSV upload. Compulsory fields include employee’s name and work email address.

We strongly advise adding a maximum of 30 members to a group for optimal search and organisational effectiveness.

Manage your members’ rides

A tag is used to categorise your members’ rides to your Grab for Work group.

There is an option to switch between personal, business and group tags in the Grab app.

Set up a group. Add members and the group tag will appear in your members’ Grab app once they have activated their accounts successfully.

Manage your members’ ride policies

You can decide how your members should travel by time and date.

You can click on the “Ride Policy” tab and customise the policy by time and date.

Your member will get an in-app notification that restricts them from making the booking unless they tag their ride as personal or use other payment methods.

Pricing & billing

Grab for Work is FREE for self-serve accounts.

Monthly direct billing is available only for companies who meet our eligibility criteria.

Grab offers competitively priced fares for all ride and fleet options to suit your budget needs.

We do not offer corporate rates at the moment but we do work with partners to offer rebates (esp for corporate card holders) and other perks!

Yes. Just click on the ‘Payments’ tab and add, edit, delete your corporate credit cards.

Yes, you can decide which member or groups can charge their rides directly to the corporate credit card.

You can share a corporate credit card with a maximum of 5 group members. Please notify your issuing bank in advance on this group payment option. Contact our sales team if you need to enable corporate card sharing for more than 5 members.

Members will see a masked credit card option with only the last 4-digits visible.

Security is our top priority and we partner with leaders in the payments industry who have the highest safety standards and adhere to global payment guidelines.

GrabTaxi Pte Ltd is registered under the Merchant Category Code 4121, for Taxicabs and Limousines.

Ride Statements

Click on the ‘Rides’ tab. Choose your date range and click “Download Statement”. The statement will be emailed to your registered email.

Only Admins are able to view and download the statements for a group.

Our statements are fully compliant with audit standards and contain the following:
Employee Name/ID
Booking Code
Pick-Up, Drop-Off
Ride Distance (km)
Fleet Type
Trip Code, Trip Description (optional)
Expense Amount

If you have created groups by departments, simply download statements for each group.

Yes. Statements can be auto-sent to your email inbox weekly or monthly. Enable this under the “Settings” tab.

The statements will be sent to you on the first day of every week or month.

Technical Support

Please contact corporate support

Manage business rides

A. Categorising your ride
Tag your rides as personal, business and group in the Grab app to manage your rides.

B. Trip description field
You can choose to add trip details while you are tagging and they will be reflected on your ride statement.

C. Auto-schedule ride statements for claims
Manage the way you receive your business rides statement under Tag Management in Settings. You can add a work email, preferred credit card and enable weekly or monthly statements to be sent straight to your inbox for tagged rides.

D. Concur (optional)
If your company is on Concur, link up both apps and you can send your ride receipts directly to Concur. Check our Concur section below on how to get started!

Set up a business account via your Grab for Work group. Refer to Admin section on registration.

Yes, you can use the same app to book on-demand rides in the 6 countries that Grab operates in: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam.

Member registration

Your colleague has added you as a member of their group. You should receive an email with a link where you can activate your account. It will redirect you to an online login page and prompt you to input the mobile number that is linked to your Grab account.

No, your company can only see the rides you have tagged as work group rides via the in-app group tag.

Download the Concur app and head to the section “Connect to Apps”. Search for Grab and click “Connect’. Download the Grab app if you haven’t done so. You will be redirected to an online login; log in with the mobile number that is linked to your Grab account.

Cash, corporate credit card (if your Admin enables you to do so) or your own personal credit card!

Yes, however you will require to have the full value of the ride in your balance before the ride begins.

Yes, GrabPay Credit will be applicable to all transportation options.

No, similar to how you can’t currently combine any GrabPay and cash methods. Your balance must cover the full value of the fare in order to place a booking.

It varies by payment method and Financial Institution.  All Credit Card purchases will be instant.

Yes your credits will expire after 1 year of inactivity of your credits. To extend the expiry date either Spend or Top Up your balance.

No, you can only use your Credits to pay for rides in the Grab App.

No. Credits can not be refunded or cashed out of our system.

No, GrabPay Credits will only be valid for their country of purchase. You can purchase Credits in other countries and spend them when you are travelling.