Guaranteed Fare Boost FAQs


Q1: What is Guaranteed Fare Boost (GFB)? How is it different from Average Fare Guarantees?

A1: Guaranteed Fare Boost is an incentive scheme where Grab guarantees you earn a multiple of the Usual Fare (refer to question 5 below). It is similar to the previous “Average Fare Guarantee” scheme, except for the way the guaranteed amount is calculated. Under the new Guaranteed Fare Boost scheme, both short & long trips are rewarded fairly.  

Here’s a video explaining this new scheme:

English version

Chinese version


Calculation of incentives

Q2: How do I read the Guaranteed Fare Boost incentive table?

A2: Below is an example of how we communicate the guaranteed fare boost for each time and region.

  • Time: Based on the time you accept the booking
  • Region: Based on the pick up location of the booking
  • The numbers in the table show the multiple of Usual Fare you are guaranteed.

In the example below:


  1. There are 4 fare boost blocks.
  2. You are guaranteed 2.5 times the total Usual Fare for all trips starting from the Northeast, Central (inc. Bedok & Sentosa), Redhill & Queenstown,   regions that you complete between Fri 07.00 – 08.59.


Q3: How is the incentive calculated?

A3: The guaranteed amount for each fare boost block is calculated separately.

For example, for Fri 07.00 – 08.59:

  • 2.5x fare boost is guaranteed for every trip that starts in the Northeast, Central (inc. Bedok & Sentosa), Redhill & Queenstown region. So if during this time block you collect $30 in Usual Fares for trips starting from these regions, the Guaranteed Fare will be $75 ($30 x 2.5 fare boost). This means if you received $37 in Final Fares, Grab will top up the fare difference of $38.
  • 2.0x fare boost is guaranteed for every trip that starts in the North, East & West region. If during this time block you collect $30 in Usual Fares for trips starting from this region, the Guaranteed Fare will be $60 ($30 x 2.0 fare boost).  If you received $70 in Final Fares, no top up from Grab is required, but you still keep all the fares you earn!


Q4: Do commissions apply to Fare Boost Incentives?

A4: Yes. Just like the average fare guarantees, commissions apply to any fare top ups.


Usual Fare & Final Fare

Q5: What is Usual Fare and how is it calculated?

A5: Usual fare = Base Fare + Per KM fare

In other words, it is the fare EXCLUDING

  • high demand (dynamic pricing) surcharges,
  • ERP and
  • surcharges for additional stops or waiting time.

For example, for GrabCar Economy, Usual Fare = $2.55 + $0.68 x distance of trip (KM)

For each trip completed, the Usual Fare can be found in your driver job history.


driver job history


Q6: Why am I unable to see the Usual Fare in the job history tab?

A6: You have to update your driver app to the latest version (5.6.12) in order to view this feature.


Q7: What is Final Fare? How do you calculate the Final Fare amount that I have collected?

A7: Just like before, the amount collected is based on the fare displayed on the job card when you receive your trip request. It includes high demand (dynamic pricing) surcharges, but excludes ERP or surcharges for additional stops/waiting time. This is also indicated as “Final Fare” in your job history.

Do note that if there are multiple bookings by the same passenger, only the first trip counts.


Q8: How do I know which Region the trip belongs to?

A8: The Region is based on the pick up location of the trip. You can refer to  the map below for the boundaries of the different regions

An interactive version of this map is available at, where you can zoom in for more details and search for specific locations using postal codes or location names to see which region a job is in.


Eligibility for incentives

Q9: Is there a minimum fare we need to achieve to qualify for the incentives?

A9: No, we’ve removed the minimum fare requirements!


Q10: Do I need to fulfil any criteria to be eligible for incentives?

A10: Please refer to your email for your Acceptance Rate, Cancellation Rate and Driver Rating requirement.


What should I do?

Q11: How do I make the most of this incentive?

A11: Here are 3 tips to make the most of this incentive:

  • Know when to drive: Check the fare boost table and focus on driving during times when the Fare Boost is highest!
  • Know where to go: If you are looking to leave a low demand location for more passengers, check the fare boost table and head towards areas with the highest Fare Boosts!
  • Accept all jobs and do not cancel: As all trips are rewarded equally, keep your acceptance rate high and cancel rate low in order to be eligible for incentives! Don’t forget to keep your driver rating high as well by providing great service!


Q12: What if I have more questions or feedback?

A12: Here are 3 things you could do:

  • Watch the training video found in A1.
  • Submit your feedback question here.
  • Call Us at 65703925