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After more than 2 years operations, we have made the decision to discontinue our GrabShuttle service. The last day of service will be on 31 Dec 2019.

Why GrabShuttle?


Much cheaper than taxis

Express service

Get to your destination faster with fewer stops

Guaranteed seat once booked

Feel free to get some work done, take a nap or just chill


Pay through your credit card and track the real time location of the bus

Our Offerings


Our Fares

Our fares are dependent on the route chosen, but are fixed regardless of distance travelled. Prices generally range from $3.50 – $5. There are no additional surcharges. Please check in the app for the price of the route you are interested in

How It Works


Yes, the GrabShuttle service will cease on 1 Jan 2020.

Consumers can continue to book a ride on GrabShuttle until the last day of service on 31 Dec 2019.

After more than 2 years of operations, we have made the decision to discontinue our GrabShuttle service. This decision will enable us to redirect our efforts into further improving our core transport services to better serve our customers.

Yes, consumers can continue to book a ride on GrabShuttle until the last day of service on 31 Dec 2019. Thereafter, the GrabShuttle app consumer services will no longer be in operation.

We will process a refund for all unused passes which may require up to 30 days depending on your bank processes.

Yes, the GrabShuttle for School service will cease on 1 Jan 2020.

GrabShuttle is a new service that allows passengers to pre-book a bus seat from a list of fixed routes. It is available via a separate GrabShuttle application.

Yes, simply download the GrabShuttle app via the Apple and Google Play stores and select the desired route to make your booking.

A range of different sized vehicles are used depending on the route. All vehicles are air-conditioned.

GrabShuttle allows you to quickly make a booking and get an immediate confirmation, with a transparent fixed fare structure and guaranteed seat. Trips are faster and more direct versus other options and bus locations are trackable in the app.

Absolutely. All vehicles and drivers are appropriately licensed and are covered under commercial insurance.

You can create bookings through the GrabShuttle app. Just browse for your routes and book a guaranteed seat on an express bus to a drop-off point near your destination. Please arrive at the pick-up point 5 minutes in advance.

After selecting your pick-up and drop-off points from the desired routes, enter the advance booking date and time. Generally, a trip can be scheduled up to a month in advance.

Prices vary by route. Please check the GrabShuttle app for details.

Most bus services operate on weekdays, Mondays to Fridays, except Public Holidays. The schedule for each route can be found in the app. You will be able to book only for the days that the bus service is running.

If all seats have been booked, you will not be able to make a booking for that trip.

Booking windows vary by route. Generally, the booking window closes 5 mins before the start of each route.

Payment is easy! You can pay via Singapore issued debit/credit cards when you make the booking. Bus drivers will not be able to accept cash nor EZLink payments on board.

Once your payment is made, you will receive details on the confirmed route via an E-ticket in the app.

This is not supported at the moment. Please advise anyone else interested in booking a seat to download the app and make a booking.

No cancellations and modifications can be made once a booking is confirmed.

You can suggest a route at our website

Tracking-only routes are routes that do not require booking. You can bookmark the route and track the bus location via the app.

You can track your bus real time on the map.

Each bus will have a Grab decal on the bus. The vehicle number will also be reflected in the e-ticket.

Just show your ticket to the driver, get a seat and enjoy the ride.

Passengers will be required to be at the pick up point 5 minutes prior to the pick up timing.

You will not be allowed to board the bus.

No. All seats are by reservation only to ensure that everyone who has bought a ticket gets a seat.

No refunds will be provided due to a missed bus or no-show.

If the bus does not turn up, we will make a full refund for the trip. Please allow up to 1 month for the refund to be processed.

If there is a service cancellation, you will be notified via SMS and on the app.

Crowdstart routes are new routes that will activate when a required number of people pre-order the route pass.

By pre-ordering a route pass, you commit money to support the route you want to activate. You will only be charged when the route activates. And you can use the route pass to exchange for trips on the activated route.

No. Payment will not be deducted. No one will be charged for the pre-orders if the route is not activated.

When a Crowdstart route is activated, payment will be charged and you will receive the route pass you pre-ordered. You can use this pass to select any trips available within the 1st month of the activated route. You do not have to claim all the trips at one go.

No. You can only use the route pass on the Crowdstart route you pre-ordered for.

Grab does not know your credit card details. Grab only stores the permission to charge the card for the particular transaction you authorise us to make. In this case, when a Crowdstart route is activated, your card is charged for the route pass you pre-order.

If you pre-order a route pass on Crowdstart routes, you can remove your card from the account easily in the settings after the Crowdstart route campaign ends. Otherwise, this permission is stored for easy checkout in future when you purchase tickets on any routes.

Yes, Children are welcome on board. Please make a separate booking for all infant and children. All passenger require a mobile ticket for verification purposes.