GrabRentals: Hirer-Relief Matching Programme

The Hirer-Relief Matching Programme is introduced for flexibility on your driving hours, best suited to meet your driving needs and schedule.

Main Hirer

Quality Match

Worried about unreliable relief-drivers? Fret not! We will do the screening for you, focusing on quality relief-drivers who are located near you and can match your shift preferences.

Limited Financial Liability

We collect a mandatory deposit of $500 from the relief-driver to ensure fair consideration in the event of disputes on rental payments or accidents.

Reduced Rentals

Depending on your shift preferences, you could save up to 50% in rental costs by splitting the expenses with the relief-driver.

Relief Driver


Earn by driving with us in your spare time. Simply indicate which shift preference you would like.

Suitable Match

With a huge pool of drivers on our platform, we commit to find you a match to the best of our efforts

Cost Savings

Enjoy rental savings as costs are shared with the main-hirer

How to get started


To foster consideration & best interest for both parties, GrabRentals will hold a ‘Security Deposit’ of $500 from the Relief Driver.

A main hirer can register up to two additional drivers.

Yes. The relief driver will be eligible for either of the rental rebate.

To find out more, please visit:
Loyalty Rental Rebate –
Easy Rental Rebate –

It is NOT advisable, as your driver app can only capture one vehicle record at one time.

Yes, they may once they have successfully registered as an authorised additional driver of the vehicle.

Unfortunately we are unable to provide spare keys for relief drivers. However, you may subscribe to the keyless unlocking system. At an extremely low cost per day, you can save the hassle of handing over the key!

The daily rental of the vehicle will still be deducted via the main hirer’s credit wallet. The splitting of rental can be discussed between the main hirer and relief driver.

There is NO minimum period to commit for the arrangement.