Want to save on your rental costs?

GrabRentals: Hirer-Relief Matching Programme

The Hirer-Relief Matching Programme helps you to reduce your rental costs by sharing your car with another driver based on your schedule and location


Main Hirer

Reduced Rentals

Depending on your shift preferences, you could save up to 60% in rental costs by splitting the expenses with the relief-driver.

Quality Match*

Worried about unreliable relief-drivers? Fret not! We will do the screening for you, focusing on quality relief-drivers who are located near you and can match your shift preferences.

Limited Financial Liability

We collect a mandatory deposit of $500 from the relief-driver to ensure fair consideration in the event of disputes on rental payments or accidents.

Relief Driver

Cost Savings

Enjoy rental savings as costs are shared with the main-hirer

Suitable Match*

We commit to finding you a reliable match to minimise any concerns you might have regarding car-sharing

Attractive Incentives & Rental Rebates

Stand to benefit from the attractive incentives and rental rebates that all Grab drivers and GrabRentals hirers are eligible for

*The main-hirer and relief-driver will be charged an administrative fee of $16.05 (after GST) each for every match

How to get started


We are committed to provide the most suitable match of main-hirers with relief-drivers.

While drivers are allowed to reject matches, do note that rejecting a match will impact the speed and quality of your next match..

There is a minimum commitment period of 3 months. 3 working days is needed for withdrawal of the relief-driver from the programme after fulfilment of the commitment period.

Do note that non-compliance without reasonable grounds may result in expulsion from the programme.

To foster consideration & best interest for both parties, GrabRentals will hold a ‘Security Deposit’ of $500 from the Relief Driver.

A main hirer can register up to two additional drivers.

Yes. The relief driver will be eligible for the Loyalty Rental Rebate.

For more info, please visit:
Loyalty Rental Rebate – https://www.grab.com/sg/rental/loyalty-rental-rebate-for-existing-grab-drivers/

It is NOT advisable, as your driver app can only capture one vehicle record at one time.

Yes, they may once they have successfully registered as an authorised additional driver of the vehicle.

Unfortunately we are unable to provide spare keys for relief drivers. However, you may subscribe to the keyless unlocking system. At an extremely low cost per day, you can save the hassle of handing over the key! 

Find out more here.

GrabRentals will help determine a fair rental split based on your shift preferences. The rent will be paid by the relief-driver to the main-hirer on a daily basis.