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Boost your income with extra credits


This incentive scheme rewards you both cash and hourly rental credits for the trips while on the road!

Tip: All hours count, so drive as much as you like! Relief Drivers included*!

*Numbers shown are for illustration purposes only. Kindly refer to your Grab Driver app for more details.

How to read this table:

  • If Mr Tan completes 100 trips this week, he will earn $200 ON TOP of his fares and $30 in Hourly Rental Credits!
  • The more trips you complete, the higher your reward.

Don’t forget to follow the AR, CR, DR criteria to qualify for the incentive.


  • 100% of your incentive will be paid in Cash.
  • Hourly Rental Credits only apply to Drivers who rent from Tribecar or WhizzCar.
  • Relief Driver Incentives are only eligible for Relief Drivers who joined GrabCar under the “Share your ride” program. Eligible fleets are GrabRentals, Exclusive Fleet Partners and Own Car.
  • *Please be informed that Relief Drivers will be eligible for special incentives only, and will not be entitled to the credits payout. For example, as Relief Driver A completes 30 trips, he will only be receiving $90 cash, as opposed to $90 + $20 credits payout.
  • Eligible trips are unique passenger trips on GrabShare, GrabCar Economy 4 & 6-seater, GrabCar Premium 4 & 6-seater, GrabFamily 4 & 6-seater & JustGrab.
  • Trips done using vehicles owned by other ridesharing platforms do not count.
  • In order to achieve Tribecar/WhizzCar credits payout, Drivers must fulfil a minimum 1TPH (trip per hour) per Tribecar/WhizzCar booking hour.