GrabPay Card X Lazada

How to Participate:

Spend $50 or more with your virtual GrabPay Card at Lazada from 0000h of 27th March to 2359h of 29th March to get additional 10 GrabRewards Points on every $1 spent. These additional GrabRewards Points will be awarded by 5th April 2020.


Terms and Conditions:

  1. The offer is valid only for GrabPay Card users in Singapore.
  2. Offer is valid for one transaction per user.
  3. Additional GrabRewards Points will be awarded by 5th April 2020. You will receive an in-app message informing you of the awarding of Points.
  4. Offer is limited to only the first transaction amount per GrabPay Card user for purchases at Lazada between 0000h of 27th March to 2359h of 29th March 2020.
  5. The additional GrabRewards Points are capped at 2000 per user.
  6. The points awarded during this offer are in addition to the user Tier level multiplier point. Click here for Tier levels and multipliers.
  7. Only valid for orders on Lazada. Excludes RedMart Orders and Lazada Wallet top-ups.
  8. Refunds claimed for these transactions at Lazada will result in deduction of the additional GrabRewards points along with your base tier points.
  9. Grab & Mastercard will not be responsible for the delivery of purchased goods.
  10. Additional terms and conditions apply. For Lazada’s terms and conditions, click here
  11. In order to activate GrabPay Card, ensure your app version is the latest.



Q. Is this valid for all Lazada transactions?

No, offer is not valid for RedMart orders and Lazada wallet top-ups. Only valid for Lazada orders


Q. Can a user redeem this offer on every purchase?

No, is valid only for the first purchase done (with your GrabPay Card) between 0000h of 27th to 2359h of 29th March. Limited to one redemption per user.


Q. How many points will I get if my transaction is less than $50?

Points will be the same as the user base tier multiplier. Check the multiplier for your tier at .


Q. My transaction was more than $200. How many points will I receive?

All Qualifying transaction amount above $200 will receive 2000 GrabRewards Points.


Q. I made a qualifying transaction but I haven’t received my extra GrabRewards points?

All additional points will be awarded a week after the campaign conclusion by 5th April 2020.


Q. Are the extra GrabRewards points inclusive of my tier points?

No, these are additional GrabRewards points, & you’ll receive them by 5th April 2020


Q. Can I use my physical GrabPay Card?

You’ll need to input your card details during checkout and card details are available on your virtual card.


Q. I want to participate in the offer. I don’t have my GrabPay Virtual Card.

You can activate your virtual card from your Grab App. Please click here for more details. .


Q. Would these Rewards Points help in my Tier Upgrade?

No, these points will not contribute to Tier Progression.


Q. My rewards points were deducted after my refund.

Refunds on eligible transactions result in the deduction of additional awarded Grab Rewards points.