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使用GrabHitch, 能帮助新朋友又能赚外快。何乐而不为?

当上GrabHitch车主, 你能选择自己的乘客,如果今天不方便,没关系!那明天在用,GrabHitch 没有任何限制。



GrabHitch是一种社交搭乘共用平台。用大约乘搭传统计程车的一半价钱,乘搭另一个到相同目的地的顺风车,同时开阔你的社交网络以及减碳!GrabHitch配对同一时间要到同一目的地的司机及乘客。这不是一种一经索取的服务 – GrabHitch的司机就跟你和我一样,是勤密的通勤者。

现在加入GrabHitch,以指定代码“Hitch883”报名,就能获取 $30汽油礼券!*


  1. 在Grab手机软件,选择GrabHitch
  2. 从GrabHitch首页的蓝色DRIVE按钮进入,开始注册成为GrabHitch车主。
  3. 用推荐码 HITCH883 注册GrabHitch 并完成首单,立即获得$30汽油礼券!





Heard of GrabHitch?

GrabHitch is a non-commercial social carpooling service that matches you with people who are going along the same route.

  • Hitch a ride with someone who going in the same direction
  • Share the cost of travelling – save on travelling costs or recover some petrol costs
  • Meet new people and network on the way to work

Anyone with a valid driving license can sign up as a driver with GrabHitch! GrabHitch drivers choose their passengers and they do rides only at their own convenience. Hitch a ride with people who live and work around you!

Just to get you started on this awesome platform, get $30 in petrol vouchers when you sign up and complete ONE ride as a GrabHitch driver with referral code HITCH883!*


Signing up as a driver takes less than 5 minutes!

  1. Navigate to the GrabHitch tab in the Grab passenger app
  2. Click on the BLUE Drive Icon at the GrabHitch tab to sign up as a driver
  3. Upload photos of your driving licence (front and back), a selfie and your vehicle details.
  4. You MUST enter your referral code HITCH883 to get your $30 in petrol vouchers after you completed your first GrabHitch ride as a GrabHitch driver.


Your application will be approved in 1-2 working days. You will be notified and can start driving upon approval!

Terms and Conditions:

  • This incentive is only eligible for new drivers who sign up and successfully complete 1 Hitch ride as a driver between 7th November 2016 @ 00:00 hours – 31st December 2016 @ 23:59 hours.
  • New drivers must sign up with the referral code HITCH883 in order to qualify for the $30 in petrol vouchers.
  • The processing of the $30 credit incentive will only be conducted after the incentive period has ended (post-31st December 2016).
  • The $30 in petrol vouchers incentive is not exchangeable or refundable for cash or credit.
  • Please allow up to 10 working days for the collection of $30 in petrol vouchers.
  • GrabHitch reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at anytime without prior notice.