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GrabHitch: Moving Singapore Towards a Car-Lite Future


How GrabHitch can help YOU contribute to a car-lite future

We’ve all heard about the associated negative environmental impact associated with driving. But did you know that the average Singaporean produces 698.62kg of CO2 in just one year? Or that he/she spends 87 hours each year getting stuck in traffic?*
In land scarce Singapore, there is a limit to the number of roads and car parks that we can built, so reducing the number of cars on the road is extremely important.
With Mother Earth having given so much to us, maybe it’s time we also start giving back by putting less stress on her and our ecosystem. Most of us engage in solitary travel to and from work, driving thousands of kilometers each year, spending cash on petrol, erp, parking and pumping tons of emissions into the atmosphere.
Apart from the cost savings and social interaction, carpooling with another driver will mean that thousands of vehicles would be off the road each day – lessening the land needed for carparks and new roads, alleviating traffic congestion, making trips faster and improving air quality by reducing carbon emissions.

WHAT is GrabHitch?

We are a non-commercial social carpooling service on the Grab App that matches regular commuters heading the same way, at the same time!  Car owners driving to their destinations can offer their empty car seats to other people in exchange for a fee. Whether you’re a driver with seats to spare, or a passenger who needs a hitch, GrabHitch helps the both of you to split costs and a ride – all of this while reducing your carbon footprint at the same time!

NTUC members who sign up and complete one ride as a GrabHitch driver get a $30 cash bonus credited into your driver wallet! To find out more click here. 


*Stats from post partnership in conjunction with Environmental Challenge Organisation (ECO) Singapore