Because Your Health Matters

Driving long hours and constantly neglecting your health? To say a BIG Thank You for being wonderful partners, Grab has collaborated with Parkway Shenton to put together a FREE Shenton E-Card Membership* exclusively for you!


Benefits of the Shenton E-Card*
• GP consultations starting at S$12 only
• Vocational license examination at S$29
• Access to one-stop medical services at selected Shenton Clinics
• Subsidised executive health screening

Sign up by 30 June 2016 to enjoy these privileges for 1 year!


*Terms and Conditions: Registration for the Shenton E-Card closes on Thursday, 30/06/16, 2359 hours. Applicants also enjoy a special rate for basic health screening at only S$29 until 30 June 2016. All sign ups are subjected to Grab’s review. Successful applicants will receive a confirmation email upon successful sign up. *Shenton E-Card membership is valid for 1 year only.

Stay Heart Strong with these 5 Exercises!

1. Lunge And Arm Swing
Muscles/area Activated: Glutes, Hamstring, Lower Body, Spine, Upper Body

  1. Raise both arms towards the ceiling. Step your right foot forward into a lunge position with your left knee pointing towards the floor. Pause momentarily to stabilise yourself then step your right foot back to join the left foot.
  2. Downward swing your arms as you tip body front, bending both knees so that your chest touches your thighs and both arms swing behind the body. “Bounce” your knees to forward swing your arms back to the overhead position as your straighten legs.
  3. 10 – 15 repetitions, on alternate sides.

2. Push Up
Muscles/area Activated: Pecs, Arms, Deltoids or Triceps

  1. Get into a push up position. Arms should be directly below shoulders and feet positioned hip width apart. Inhale.
  2. Exhale, pull belly in to spine and lower body in a straight line towards the floor. Keep your elbows close to OR pointing away from the body.
  3. Inhale to push up and recover.
  4. 10 – 20 repetitions.

3. Jumping Jacks With Resistance Band
Muscles/area Activated: Tensor Fasciae Latae, Glutes

  1. Stand with feet together, hands by sides or on waist. Inhale and bend knees.
  2. Exhale and spring feet apart, arms swing out to shoulder height. Spring feet back together, bringing arms back down by sides. If hands are placed on waist, leave them there throughout the exercise.
  3. 10 – 20 repetitions.

4. Scissors With Resistance Band
Muscles/area Activated: Abdominal Obliques

  1. Lie on your back, both legs towards chest and place hands under head. Inhale.
  2. Exhale, curl upper body off the floor, left elbow leading forwards as right leg extends away from body, left leg remain towards chest. Continue exhalation to twist right elbow to left leg as it extends, right leg bending in.
  3. Inhale and repeat scissors.
  4. 10 – 20 repetitions

5. Point Jump (One or Both Legs)
Muscles/area Activated: Lower Body, Abs, Metatarsal

  1. Stand hip width apart, knees bent and arms bent in front of your body. Inhale.
  2. Exhale, deepen your bend and push off your legs right to the end of your toes to jump upwards. Extend both legs as straight as you can.
    Inhale to land softly on bent knees.
  3. 20 – 30 Repetitions

Click HERE for image instructions.