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Grab Fuel Card FAQs

Q: How will I receive my discount?
A: You will receive your discount in 2 parts:

  • The first part is an upfront discount:
    – 16%+2%: The discounted rate will be deducted from your credit two working days later. For example, if your pump price is $100, we bill you $82 ($100-$18), though the discount will not show immediately on your bill from Shell
  • The second part is an on-time payment rebate. Get this extra 1% back by paying on time throughout the month (No negative balance)

Q: How is payment deducted?
A: Grab will deduct the payment from your credit balance two working days later:
– Please make sure that, by 1pm two working days later, you have enough credit in your wallet to pay for the fuel you pumped
– Grab may not deduct the payment exactly at 1pm, so do not remove the credit from your wallet until you are sure that the fuel payment has been deducted

Q: What if I miss a payment?
A: Your credit account will be negative and you will be unable to take trip requests. Your Fuel Card will be deactivated temporarily until payment is made. If a payment is missed for 7 days, your Grab driver account will be suspended. You will also not be eligible for our 1% on-time payment rebate

Q: Where is my fuel card accepted?
A: Your card is accepted at all 57 Shell service stations in Singapore. To view sites which are close to your area, please use the online Shell Station Locator

Q: What can I buy with my fuel card?
A: You can use your Grab Fuel Card to purchase any petrol or diesel products (Shell FuelSave 95, Shell FuelSave 98, Shell V-power Nitro+ and Shell Diesel). Please note that you will not be able to purchase other items at the convenience stores using your Grab Fuel Card

Q: Is the price at the pump before or after discount?
A: Fuel prices indicated at the pump are before discount. The amount deducted from your credit balance will be after discount

Q: How much is the limit on my card?
A: Your limit is $150/day, and $1,000/week

Q: Is the limit before or after discount?
A: The credit limit is based on the pump price, before discount

Q: What happens if I exceed my card limit?
A: You will not get a discount on any fuel purchase above your card limit

Q: How can I change my card limit?
A: You cannot currently change the limit on your card

Q: How do I use my Shell Card at the station?
OPT-For Grab

Q: Am I eligible for the promotions at Shell Stations?

A: You may be eligible for some of the promotions at Shell Stations. Please refer to the promotion terms & conditions to find out

Q: What should I do if my card is lost or stolen?
A: Please block your card and ask for a replacement by emailing Shell Customer Service centre at Card blocking service is available 24 /7

Q: What should I do if my card is damaged?
A: Please email Shell Customer Service Centre at to request a replacement card

Q: What if I forgot to take my receipt after I pumped?
A: If you pumped at the outdoor payment terminal, you may request for a reprint of the receipt at outdoor payment terminal within 24 hours

Q: Can I get the discount but pay with credit/debit card, cash? Can I collect Shell Escape points with this card?
A: You must pay using Grab credits, and you may not use the Shell Escape card with the Fuel Card

Q: Can I have more than one card?
A: Maximum one card per driver, even if you drive more than one vehicle

Q: Can I pay for fuel for any vehicle?
A: Yes, though fuel card usage will be deducted from your credit the next day

For more information, please refer to Help Centre