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Introducing GrabCar Plus

Dear Partners,

GrabCar Plus  a premium economy option that offers excellent service in better cars – has been launched to a selected group of passengers since May 2018!

Interested in joining GrabCar Plus?

Here are the perks!

What is GrabCar Plus?

As part of our mission to provide driver-partners with more opportunities to earn, we asked our passengers for the type of experiences they’re looking for. Based on that feedback, we’re excited to announce GrabCar Plus, a new premium economy service with a focus on excellent service and better cars.

  • Standard of Service
    • Good driver ratings
    • Going above and beyond for your riders
    • Clean and tidy vehicle
  • Car Model and Age
    • Car model (check list here)
    • 3 years or newer for GrabCar Economy Partners OR
    • 5 years or newer for GrabCar Premium Partners

Fit the criteria?

Opt-in here to be a part of this new service!

Not ready to opt-in?

  • If you’d like to learn more about the expected standards of service, do read our Community Guidelines here
  • If your car model and age does not fit in the above criteria, don’t worry, the opt-in process is ongoing! When you have switched to an eligible car, you may opt-in here. Alternatively, you may open the driver app, go to the support tab, click on Help Centre, followed by Account and Setup, and select “I want to Opt-into GrabCar Plus.”

What happens after you opt-in?

Once you’ve passed the car eligibility, your application will be confirmed. You’ll then go through the following on boarding process:


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can my other friends who did not receive this email join?
A: If their car model fits the criteria, do encourage them to opt-in here. Alternatively, you may open the driver app, go to the support tab, click on Help Centre, followed by Account and Setup, and select “I want to Opt-into GrabCar Plus.”

Q: Is GrabCar Plus is replacing the Platinum programme or a new fleet?
A: No, the Platinum programme will not be affected by GrabCar Plus and it is not a new fleet of cars. GrabCar Plus is a new service that will sit beside JustGrab, GrabShare, GrabFamily, and GrabCar Premium. All drivers are eligible to join GrabCar Plus if they fulfill the service and vehicle criteria. Vehicle age and criteria is listed here.

Q: What will happen after I opt-in?
A: We will review your application and inform you of your eligibility via SMS within 2 weeks. After this confirmation, you will need to:

  1. Attend a GrabCar Plus orientation
  2. Watch our G.R.E.A.T videos
  3. Pass our In-App Training
  4. Complete first 50 rides (regardless of taxi type) as a road training

If you’ve met our criteria for the road training rides, you’ll become an official GrabCar Plus driver and enjoy all our special perks!

Q: What is the passing criteria for the road training?
A: You are expected to provide service with quality as instructed in the  training Your first 50 rides will be reviewed. You must pass all criteria below:

  1. AR>=90%, CR<= 5%
  2. DR>= 4.8
  3. No passenger complaint of your car or service (all passenger comments will be reviewed on an individual basis)
  4. In-car amenities are in place

More details about road training will be shared during the in-app training.

Q: Can I continue to receive GrabShare jobs even if I’m in GrabCar Plus?
A: Only selected drivers will have the option to opt out of GrabShare starting one month after the full launch of GrabCar Plus.

Q: How do I maintain my GrabCar Plus partner status?
A: To maintain your GrabCar Plus status, partners are expected to provide GREAT service. Once more than 2% of your trips receive negative passenger comments (all comments will be reviewed individually to ensure fairness), you will be removed from GrabCar Plus. In addition, GrabCar Plus runs regular spot checks. If you fail to deliver G.R.E.A.T. service during the spot checks, you will also be removed from GrabCar Plus. 

If your status is removed, don’t worry! You can still receive jobs from other services such as JustGrab, GrabShare, GrabFamily and GrabCar Premium (if applicable).

Q: What will happen if I fail the road training?
A: You can appeal in-app here. Max 1 appeal is allowed per partner.

Q: Can I become a GrabCar Plus partner again if my status gets removed?
A: Yes, you will be able to send an appeal here any time after your removal or via the driver app. Simply go to the support tab, click on Help Centre, followed by Account and Setup and select “I want to restore my GrabCar Plus status.” Once your appeal is approved, you will need to complete the to-do items. Once you complete and pass our review, you will be re-activated on GrabCar Plus.

Q: How long does the appeal process take?
A: We will inform you of the appeal result within 2 weeks.

Q: What if my car exceeds the 3 year/5 year requirement after being officially onboarded onto GrabCar Plus?
A: Unfortunately, you will be removed from GrabCar Plus during the monthly review.

Q: Will the car model list be updated? If so, how often?
A: We will regularly review car models to determine if they are appropriate for GrabCar Plus. We will update the list every quarter.

Q: Do rented cars from WhizzCar, Tribecar and Smove qualify for GrabCar Plus?
A: No, they are not eligible for GrabCar Plus.

Q: How can I upgrade my car to GrabCar Plus eligible vehicle?
A: As there will be ongoing opt-in opportunities, we recommend that you complete your current contract. After it ends, you can either rent with GrabRentals for a GrabCar Plus eligible vehicle or arrange for your own rental.

Q: What if I change my car?
A: If you switch your car model from an GrabCar Plus eligible car model to a non-eligible car model, your status will be removed. However, if you switch from a non-eligible car model to a GrabCar Plus eligible car model, you will be able to opt-in for GrabCar Plus. The same training process applies.

Terms & Conditions

  • The Company reserves the right to modify, vary and change the Terms of Use or its policies relating to the Service at any time as it deems fit.