GrabCar Premium Repricing

Dear Partner,

We’re always looking out for your best interest. That’s why starting Monday 29/5, we’re introducing a new GrabCar Premium pricing that will help increase demand during the school holidays.

To further help you with your earnings, we will have a new GCP Warrior incentive with up to $500 weekly earnings. Keep a look out for Sunday 28/5 incentives.

Happy Grabbing!

Terms & Conditions

  • The new price only applies to GrabCar Premium 4-seater.
  • Surcharges include:
    • Additional waiting time ($5 for every 5 minutes)*
    • Toll charges (ERP/Sentosa) incurred from pick-up point to destination
    • Additional stops ($10 per stop within 5 km)
    • Advanced booking fee ($5 per booking)

*A 5-minute grace period is provided during pick-up. If the driver is required to wait for you longer than 5 minutes, waiting time surcharges apply in 5-minute blocks.