Building a better life for our driver-partners and their loved ones

What you care about, matters to us. As part of our Better Everyday initiative, GrabAcademy extends its arm out to our driver-partners’ family through scholarship grants and bursary awards.

Starting 2018, 10* Grab University Scholarships for local universities (up to $10,000 each) will be awarded each year. No bonds included!

Learn more about the grants and apply for them here:

University Scholarships

Education Bursaries

As our Driver-Partner, your experience with Grab matters to us. That’s why we’re making constant improvements to ensure that driving with us is safer, more seamless, and more rewarding. Grab has been able to develop initiatives such as GrabAcademy, that look to further improve your Grab Experience.
*One of the ten 2019/20 GrabAcademy Scholarships is supported by Jemimah Wei, and includes a year long mentorship.