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GRAB PowerHour

Grab PowerHour is only made possible with the joint-effort of
GrabTribeCar, WhizzCar and Smove.

Want to give Grab a go and

You have a few hours to spare a day and

You are looking for a short-term rental contract?

Perfect! You are exactly who we are looking for and the Grab PowerHour is made for you!

Grab PowerHour is here to provide you the flexibility in rental hours and driving hours – allowing you to commit minimum hours while gaining maximised earnings!

Your Incentives from Grab

When you join us, you also get to enjoy all of the below incentives for the first 2 weeks:

1) Free Grab Credits worth $50!

  • All newly activated driver-partners will receive $50 worth of credits from Grab!

2) Total Fares Guarantee

  • New drivers will be guaranteed at least a minimum for the number of trips that they drive! If they don’t hit reach this guaranteed fare amount, we will top up the difference!

*To qualify for the above weekly incentives, new drivers need to maintain Acceptance Rate of above 90%, Cancellation Rate of below 10%, Driver Rating of at least 4.3 and be compliant with PDVL Regulations. T&C applies and will be stated on the weekly EDM.