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GRAB PowerHour PLUS!

Minimum hours. Maximum payout.
Rent by the hour and start earning by the hour!!

Looking to double your take home pay while keeping your current job? Then you’re at the right place. Introducing GRAB PowerHour PLUS. A powered up programme that lets you rent by the hour and make more by the hour.

Rental from as low as $2/hour Earn a stable side income in your free time No long term commitments or hidden fees No insurance or ACRA needed  Complete freedom and flexibility

JOIN NOW with $1,000 ($1-for$1) FARE MATCH!
A risk-free limited-time offer!

Simply register and complete your online application with a touch of a button!



Register NOW to be a GrabCar driver and receive attractive offers from us and our fleet partners!

Limited-time offer for all PowerHour PLUS signups.

Limited-time only offers from GRAB (for ALL NEW GrabCar drivers):

  • FREE Grab welcome credits – that’s ZERO levy for your earned fares!
  • $1-for-$1 fare match. YES! For 3 WEEKS with GRAB, every dollar you earn up to a cap of $1000 1
  • We will also guarantee you an $8 minimum fare no matter when you drive.
  • GPH Warrior weekly incentive of up to $300 2 on TOP of the fares you earn.
  • Referral incentive of $50 4 – for you. So start referring to earn more!

I’m interested, what else should I know?

GRAB PowerHour PLUS is a joint-effort between GRAB and 2 other hourly rental fleet partners!

Grab PowerHour makes renting a car and driving with GRAB simple.  There’s no need to commit to a long contract,  buy insurance, or shop around for the best deal. Just follow the sign up steps below and you will get complete flexibility for your driving experience. 

Here is some of the benefits:

  • Hassle free; no contract, insurance or ACRA needed!
  • Provides Z10/11 commercially insured vehicles.
  • LTA PHV decal ready.
  • Affordable hourly rental rates.
  • Easy to use; Book online, unlock the car with your smartphone and start driving.
  • 24/7 easy pick-up and returns; over 90 different locations and within minutes from the MRT.
  • Maximise your earning potential; choose from 4 & 6 seater vehicles.
  • $18 Welcome Credits from Tribecar

 Get Started

Note: All registration and training takes place online.

Don’t Want to Drive Alone?


Invite your friends to drive with us and share this benefit. For every friend you invite to drive with GrabCar under GRAB PowerHour, you will earn $50 referral fee. All your referred friends need to do is to take 10 trips within their first 7 days upon account activation.

Terms and Conditions:

1. $1000 ($1-for-$1) FARE MATCH!

  • First 3 weeks of your journey with GRAB, you will earn a $1-for-$1 fare match, capped at $1,000 (or $335/week).
  • Offer applies to NEW GrabCar drivers ONLY.
  • GRAB levy applies for this incentive and calculation of 3-weeks starts from date of GRAB account activation.

2. From Mondays – Sundays, earn up to $300 on top of your fares. This incentive is trip based and the reward paid by GRAB is in CASH while the rewards from Tribecar or WhizzCar is in credits. This incentive is paid on top of fares and is available for every week till the promotion ends. Tribecar or WhizzCar credits will be automatically reimbursed 3 weeks after booking by individual fleet partner.

How it works?
The incentive is listed in table 1  below. For example: If you started on Monday, and drove 30 trips by the Sunday of that week. You will earn an extra $90 in cash from Grab, and $20 credit from Tribecar and WhizzCar. The more trips you complete, the more reward you will get.

3. Tribecar $18 free credit is equivalent to about 9 free hours (calculated with the lowest rental tier of $2/ hour). If you terminate your account without booking at least 10 hours, it will be deducted from your security deposit.

4. Refer friends to be NEW GrabCar Drivers under GRAB PowerHour, you will earn $50 referral fee. All your referred friends need to do is take 10 trips within their first 7 days upon account activation.

5. For all incentives above, GRAB Ratings apply: At least 90% AR, Below 10% CR & At least 4.3 DR.

6. To be eligible for Tribecar / WhizzCar credits payout, you must achieve at least 1.0 TPH (trips per hour).

7. Campaign begins on Monday, 5 June 2017.