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Grab PowerHour with WhizzCar

Want to give Grab a go but

You have a few hours to spare a day and

You are looking for a short-term rental contract?

Perfect! You are exactly who we are looking for and the Grab PowerHour is made for you!

Grab PowerHour is here to provide you the flexibility in rental hours and driving hours – allowing you to commit minimum hours while gaining maximised earnings!

Summing it up for you, if join us through Grab PowerHour x WhizzCar, you get to:

✔ Be free from long-term commitment – drive only during your free time!

✔ Join hassle free – application of insurance and ACRA is not needed! Plus, cars will be ready with LTA PDVL decal!

Your Incentives from Grab

Incentives from WhizzCar

How it works:
If you start driving on Monday and drove 30 trips by the Sunday of that week. You will earn an extra $20 credit from WhizzCar. The more trips you complete, the more reward you will get!

Terms & Conditions

  • Drivers must fulfil an Acceptance Rate of at least 90%, Cancel Rate of below 10% and Driver Rating of at least 4.3 to be eligible to for the incentive.
  • In registering for this incentive, the participating driver acknowledges that: he/she has read and understood the terms of his/her existing rental agreement with any other vehicle provider and confirm that by participating in the scheme, they are not in breach of any obligation under the rental said agreement; the vehicle they will be using for the scheme is not subject to any restriction that prohibits the vehicles from being used for purposes of the scheme; & he/she has not informed Grab nor is Grab aware of any reason that would disqualify the driver from participating in the scheme.