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Going cashless is easy with GrabPay

Just link it to your credit/debit card, or top up your GrabPay wallet. The best part is, you can now use it for more than just rides.

What you can use GrabPay for

  • In-Store Purchases
  • Grab Rides
  • Prepaid Top-Ups
  • GrabFood Deliveries
  • Fund Transfers

Find digging your wallet for cash a hassle? Just scan the in-store QR code to pay.

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Book your ride with GrabPay to pay automatically with your linked credit/debit card or GrabPay balance upon arrival at your drop-off point.

Forget about queuing up to purchase prepaid cards. Reload your prepaid mobile balance in just a few taps.

Seamlessly pay for GrabFood orders and satisfy your cravings.

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Need to split the bill, or pay for a loved one’s ride? Send and request funds to and from other GrabPay users, without any transfer fees.

And get more bang for your buck with exclusive GrabPay-only deals!
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And get more bang for your buck with exclusive GrabPay-only deals!
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Why go cashless
with GrabPay

Pay your way

Link your credit/debit card with GrabPay, or pay with your GrabPay wallet balance.

Seamless convenience

Ride, dine and shop in just a few taps on your smartphone, within a single app.

Track every transaction

Keep a close eye on your expenses with instant payment notifications and detailed transaction history

Earn GrabRewards points

Each GrabPay transaction earns you GrabRewards points, which you can use to redeem attractive rewards.

Awesome rebates

The more you use GrabPay, the more you get back!

A mobile wallet you can trust

Award winning technology. Partnerships with trusted e-payment companies.
All your personal information and payment transactions are encrypted and protected with a 24/7 fraud detection engine so you can ride, dine, shop and more, worry-free.

Best Fraud Prevention Innovation 2016 award by

How to use GrabPay

  • Link your credit/debit card
  • Top up your GrabPay balance
  • Set auto top-up
  • Set your primary payment method
  • Link your card to GrabFood
  • Purchase airtime
  • Send funds (P2P)
  • Pay in-store


For one, you don’t have worry about rummaging for cash at the end of each ride. Simply alight as soon as you reach your destination. 

Secondly, GrabPay allows you to earn double GrabRewards points compared to cash. These points can be redeemed for discounts off your Grab rides or GrabFood orders, or for exciting partner rewards from our GrabRewards catalogue. 

Finally, you can enjoy a wider range of services with GrabPay, including ride bookings, food deliveries, in-store purchases, fund transfers to friends and family, and more. 

GrabPay refers to a collection of all cashless payment methods, including credit / debit cards, partner wallets like Alipay or PayPal and your GrabPay Credits (or balance). GrabPay Credits (or balance) refers to the in-app balance that you can top up using your credit / debit cards. 

While you can use your credit / debit cards for Grab rides and GrabFood deliveries, you can enjoy an even wider range of services with GrabPay Credits (or balance), including in-store purchases and fund transfers.