GrabFood Delivery-Partner Incentives (Walker)

Here are your incentives for 12 – 18 August!

  • Trip Fares: now with a minimum guaranteed base component PLUS distance adjustment, to provide fairer earnings
  • Zone Boost Gems: earn more per trip based on time and location
  • Quest Gems: all-week targets with great rewards
You can view both Gems and Quest Incentives in your Grab Driver app (Home Page > More > Incentives).
Zero commissions, daily cash outs, flexible working hours!
Remember to be in your GrabFood shirt and carry your GrabFood-branded delivery bag while delivering.

Click here for more information on trip fares and incentives
on the new Grab Driver app: 

We’ve updated our GrabFood delivery zone

 Effective from 2nd May 2019

Deliver with GrabFood and enjoy flexible working hours – no shifts, no schedules and no delivery location limitations! You can, however, give your earnings an additional boost, by picking up orders from merchants within high demand zones.

Note: Do note that zone boundaries have been amended. Familiarise yourself with the new zones – be savvy and maximise your earnings!

Zone Booth Gems:

Earn more with every delivery!

Earn varying amounts of gems per trip depending on merchant location, day and time! This works just like zone boost, but with more in-app interactivity. You can keep track of the gems you earn directly on your Grab Driver app, and also view areas and time blocks that would give you the highest gems per trip.

How it works

Earn up to 25 boost gems on top of your drop fares when you complete deliveries during peak timings!

  • A minimum 40 gems/day is required to qualify, trips must be accepted between 12:00AM – 11.59PM daily.

Tap here to learn how Zone Boost Gems work.




How to read this table

  • If you accept 2 trips on Thursday between 11AM – 2:59PM at Central, you will receive 40 gems (20 gems x 2) on top of all your base fares upon completion.
  • If you accept 3 trips on Saturday between 11AM – 2:59PM at Downtown, you will receive 60 gems (20 gems x 3) on top of all your base fares upon completion.
  • Time blocks past 12 midnight are considered as trips completed for the next day. For example, if you accept a trip on Friday night past 12am (Saturday morning), it is considered towards Saturday’s gems.
  • Gems incentives will be paid to your cash wallet within 2 working days.

Quest Gems:

Earn up to $60 extra!
Reach your trip targets and unlock additional incentives for both weekdays and weekends. Monitor the number of trips you’ve completed directly in your app!

Earn a quest gem on top of your base fares for every single order you complete! 

Tap here to learn how Quest Gems work.

Reach your trip targets and unlock additional incentives for both weekdays and weekends. Monitor the number of trips you’ve completed directly in your app!


How to read this table

  • If you complete 15 trips during the weekday this week, you will be paid $20 on top of all your base fares and gems incentives.
  • If you complete 15 trips during the weekend this week, you will be paid $25 on top of all your base fares and gems incentives.

Other Incentives 

Sentosa Orders

With distance-based fares, you can already expect to earn more for long distance trips.
To further thank you for your effort, you will receive additional compensation of $2 per order going in to Sentosa which will now be automatically captured in your Sentosa Trip Incentives mission scheme.

Be sure to carry your GrabFood bag and show the guardhouse that you are on an active delivery (via your GrabFood app) to get free entry into Sentosa.

Frequently Asked Questions

I completed a grouped order consisting of two deliveries. How will my incentives be computed?

  • Zone Boost Gems: Gems will be earned based on the merchant location and your acceptance time of the first trip. The second trip of the grouped order is not eligible for boost gems.
  • Quest Gems: Both deliveries in a grouped order will count towards quest incentives – this means 2 trips!

My acceptance rate (AR) is less than 80% and/or my cancellation rate (CR) is more than 20%. How will this affect my incentives?

  • Zone Boost Gems: There are no AR or CR requirements for Zone Boost gems.
  • Quest Gems: Incentive rewards will only be paid out if you meet the criteria. You can refer to the incentive card in your Grab Driver app (Home Page > More > Incentives) to keep track of your acceptance rate performance for each quest incentive period.
    If you have valid reasons for cancellation, please contact us via Telegram (@GF_DP) or call the GrabFood support hotline at 6902 1038 for help, to avoid affecting your in-app cancellation rate.

What happens if I have less than the minimum required boost gems for the day?

  •  You will need to earn a minimum number of gems each day between 12:00AM – 11:59PM, in order to convert your gems to cash. Your unconverted gems will not be carried over to the next day.

How will I be compensated for long-distance trips?

  • Distance adjustments will be made upfront in your trip fares instead! Thus, there will no longer be a need for the delayed distance payment that you have been receiving.

How often does my Acceptance Rate (AR) and Cancellation Rate (CR) reset?

  • The AR and CR reflected on your home screen is refreshed every Monday of the week. However, for incentives, AR / CR requirements are tied to the incentive period. Refer to your incentive card in your Grab Driver app (Home Page > More > Incentives) to monitor your AR / CR performance for specific incentives.

What happens if the batched route recommended by the app is directing me on a route that is less convenient? Can I just set my own route?

  • While we understand that you may have a preferred delivery route, you must follow the drop-off sequence as shown in the app. The proposed sequence would have considered other factors such as eaters’ waiting time, which is an important consideration to deliver a consistent 5-star experience to all our customers!

Do I get compensated in the event of merchant unavailability, or if I experienced long wait time at the merchant’s / customer’s location?  

  • If you encounter any difficulties completing an order, call the GrabFood support hotline at 6902 1038 or reach out to us via Telegram (@GF_DP). Compensations will be processed on a case-by-case basis.

I just changed my vehicle type. How will this affect my incentives?  

If you change your mode of delivery midweek, your new vehicle type will only be updated in the system within the next working day, by which your incentives will then be tagged to the correct vehicle type accordingly.

  • Zone Boost Gems: If you change your vehicle type from GF Bike to GF PMD on Tuesday, any trips completed on Tuesday will NOT accumulate any gems under either of the zone boost schemes. Trips completed starting from Wednesday onwards will accumulate gems under the PMD scheme.
  • Quest Gems: If you change your vehicle type from GF Bike to GF PMD on Tuesday, quest count tagged to the old vehicle type will STOP immediately, and will only resume the next working day under the new vehicle type. There will be NO reconciliation done to combine trips completed under the 2 different vehicle types i.e. they will be counted for quest qualifications separately under their respective schemes.

My account got suspended. How will this affect my incentives? 

  • If your account has been temporarily suspended, you will not be eligible for incentive payout within the suspended time period. Upon reinstating, your zone boost and quest schemes will only resume the next working day.


Quick tips:

  1. Encountered a closed merchant, or was assigned to an order that cannot be fulfilled? You can now unassign yourself from an order directly in your app!
  2. If you need help while on a delivery, call the GrabFood support hotline at 6902 1038 or reach out to us via Telegram (@GF_DP).

GrabFood Incentives Terms & Conditions

  • Excessive cancellations will be recorded and measures may be implemented accordingly, including but not limited to the withholding of incentive payments and temporary suspension of partner accounts.
  • Jobs outside of Singapore are not allowed and do not count.
  • Grab reserves the sole & absolute right to forfeit incentives and suspend accounts of Delivery-Partners who do not follow GrabFood’s Code of Conduct. Grab’s decision is final and conclusive – requests for appeal and review will not be entertained.
  • Grab reserves the right to withdraw, amend and/or alter any part or the whole terms and conditions of incentives at any time without prior notice.