All You Need To Know About GrabFood Emerald Circle

The more you deliver, the more benefits you unlock.

The long awaited GrabFood Emerald Circle is now here! This loyalty programme aims to reward your hard work with exclusive benefits and experiences to enjoy as a GrabFood Delivery-Partner.

GrabFood Emerald Circle Benefits

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Emerald Circle Tiers

How it works
When you join GrabFood as a delivery-partner, you’re automatically enrolled into Emerald Circle in the Emerald tier at the end of each week. Each tier has a minimum trip requirement for per one month cycle, and you are empowered to unlock higher tiers (and benefits) by completing more trips!

Things to note:

  • Emerald Circle tiers will be updated on the first day of every month, by 2359hrs (i.e 1 Feb, 2359hrs).
  • Any fraudulent behaviour would subject Delivery-Partners to a downgrade to the Emerald tier with immediate effect for at least one full month cycle.

Frequently Asked Questions

All new joiners will start from Emerald tier first. They will be able to progress to higher tiers to unlock more benefits if  they manage to complete the minimum trip targets for the respective tier. 

It starts on every 1st day and ends on the last day of the calendar month.

Starts on 1 Dec 2019 (00:00hrs), and ends on 31 Dec 2019 (23:59hrs).

Trip count is based on completed trips during the assessment cycle, according to time of order completion.

If you are changing your vehicle type, please submit your request via your GrabFood driver app>> Help Centre>> GrabFood>> Managing my GrabFood Account >>I want to update my delivery mode/vehicle details for GrabFood.

Under the drop down menu, select “Change of Vehicle Type” and fill in the details in the remarks field.

Upon updating your vehicle type, your trip target for that cycle will be that of the new vehicle type. 

Example : Delivery-partner, who is currently at Ruby tier, submitted his request to change his vehicle type from PMD to Bike during the tier assessment cycle.
The trip targets for the following vehicle types under Ruby tier:
PMD: 75 trips
Bike: 175 trips
Upon successful change of vehicle type, he will have to meet the targets for his new vehicle type, 175 trips.

The tiers refresh every month and you will be tiered according to your total number of completed trips. If no trips are done during that cycle, you will be automatically tiered to Emerald at the end of the assessment cycle.

Stacked orders will be counted according to the number of trips grouped together.

A stacked order of 4 will be counted as 4 trips instead of 1. 

No, only completed trips will be counted towards your trip target.

There is a live progress bar available in your GrabFood driver app to track the number of trips you have accomplished thus far during that month. Appeals will not be entertained.

If you experience any tiering issues, please call in to the customer service hotline at +65 6655 0005 or write in via the Help Centre.

You can view your benefits through your driver app

If you experience any tiering issues, please call in to the customer service hotline at +65 6655 0005 or write in via the Help Centre.

Here are a few reasons this may have happened:

  1. You did not complete the minimum number of trips required to maintain your tier. If you failed to hit the minimum benchmark in your current tier, you will be downgraded accordingly based on the minimum benchmark assigned for each tier based on your vehicle type. 
  2. You had been caught with fraudulent behaviour. Grab does not tolerate fraud, and any delivery-partner found guilty of such offence will be downgraded to Emerald immediately. No appeal will be considered.

You will have to complete one full month cycle before he/she is eligible to progress to the next tier.

Mr Tan, who was in Sapphire Tier, was found to have committed fraud on 13 Jan 2020. He would be downgraded to Emerald Tier immediately.
To be eligible to be promoted to higher tier, Mr Tan would have to first serve the current month cycle (Jan)  AND a full month cycle (Feb) in the Emerald Tier. The next time he is eligible to be promoted to a higher tier would be at the end of Feb 2020, for March cycle. 

Sapphire & Ruby partners will receive an SMS within the first week of your birthday month for registration. Register via the form attached in the SMS (form closes on the last day of the month). All vouchers will be issued in-app/email (Grab-registered) within the first week of the following month. All birthday vouchers can be used for GrabFood services only and is valid 6 months from date of issue.