Cash in on our new GrabFood feature!

On 5 August 2019, eaters who like paying for their orders with cash will be able to do so on GrabFood. So you’ll soon start receiving more orders from cash users.

Ready to start cashing in?

Here are a few helpful tips to get your started…

1. Ensure your Credit Wallet is always topped up, with the new Auto Top-Up feature.
To receive cash-on-delivery orders, your Credit Wallet must have a sufficient balance to cover the order amount. Because when you complete the delivery that amount will be deducted from your wallet, and you’ll be given cash by the eater.

Switching on the Auto Top-Up feature not only ensure you’ll get cash orders, it also takes away the hassle of manually topping up your Credit Wallet.

For an example, if a delivery-partner switches on auto top up and receives an order of $30 value, but only has $20 in his credit wallet:

2. No time to check your balance? No worries!
With the improved cash wallet flexibility, your cash wallet balance can now drop to a negative number. This means that your credit wallet can be topped up, even when there’s not enough in your cash wallet, to ensure that you have enough to receive jobs.

How it works: 

  • When you enable auto top-up, your credit wallet automatically tops itself up via the cash wallet. 
  • With cashless jobs, your cash wallet already receives enough money to top up your credit wallet. However, with cash jobs, you might not have enough in your cash wallet. 
  • The improved cash wallet flexibility allows your cash wallet to drop to a negative number. Ensuring that your credit wallet can be topped up to receive cash jobs even if you don’t have enough in your cash wallet.
    You receive a cash job and need $6 in your credit wallet.  Your credit wallet is currently $0 and you have $2 in your cash wallet.
    • Cash wallet tops up $6 to your credit wallet. 
    • $2 – $6 = -$4 
    • Your Cash wallet balance is now -$4

3. Carry smaller notes on you and don’t forget some loose change.
We recommend about $100 in multiple dominations daily. This should include a good mixture of both cash notes and coins.

4. Drop a message to your eaters to make the delivery smoother.
A quick note to your eater while you wait to pick up the order from the merchant can help you complete your order faster. So why not drop them a text to ask if they have exact change or will need you to bring some.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cash on Delivery

Q: Do I need to pay merchants for cash orders?
A: No. Just identify the order using the order ID, collect the order and go!

Q: How should I handle orders where the customer pays by cash?
A: Collect cash from the customer. At the completion of the order, Grab will automatically deduct the order value from your credit wallet.

Q: How do I identify the money deducted from my wallet for cash jobs?
A: Go to your credit wallet transaction history to check on the deductions made.

Q: What if there’s a promo on the food order?
A: If the customer is paying you by cash, they will pay you the order value after deduction of the promo amount – I.e. $20 order with $10 promo, they will pay you $10

Q: Why do I need to top up my Credit wallet to receive more orders?
A: We will only assign cash orders to delivery partners who have enough money in your cash and credit wallets. If you have not enabled auto top-up yet, please do consider it as this would also allow you to also receive more orders.

Q: Why am I not getting many orders?
A: 1) Check that you are on latest app version. 2) Check your wallet balance. If it is too low, you may not receive orders. 3) If you have not provided permission for us to top up your wallet automatically for GrabFood Preferred jobs, call Grab to ask for help to enable this.

Q: If I’ve authorised auto-top up and the order was cancelled, will the balance be transferred back from credit to cash wallet?
A: Yes the balance transferred will be returned to the cash wallet instantaneously upon order cancellation.


Frequently Asked Questions about improved cash wallet flexibility

Q: Must I enable auto top-up?
A: Yes! To enjoy the improved cash wallet flexibility, auto top-up must be enabled. 

Q: Will a negative cash wallet balance impact my performance or my ability to receive more jobs?
A: Do not worry, negative cash wallet balance will not impact your performance at all. In fact, you will continue to receive jobs even when your cash wallet balance is negative. 

Q: Is there a limit on how low the cash wallet balance can go?
A: Yes, the cash wallet balance can go as low as -$20 before disabling cash jobs. You will still be able to do other jobs, which will help increase your cash wallet balance. 

Q: How will I know that I have a negative cash wallet balance?
A: You’ll be able to see it when you check your wallet balance, so do remember to check it regularly!

This is how it’ll look like:

Q: How do I restore my cash wallet balance so that it is no longer negative?
A: Complete incoming jobs and your wallet balance will restore to positive over time.