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Get $4 Off Your First GrabHitch Ride!

Discover Singapore with GrabHitch.

Getting around shouldn’t be expensive or lonely! If you’ve ever been put off by unpredictable fares or worried about being unfamiliar with the place in general, you’ll want to give GrabHitch a try! Discover Singapore, its places and people while enjoying consistently affordable fares with GrabHitch!

Until 31 May 2017, if you’re new to GrabHitch, don’t miss out on the opportunity to try GrabHitch for $4 less with the Promo Code: HITCHAMATE. Request a Hitch now!

Why take GrabHitch?

  • Hitch a ride with someone who is going the same way
  • Discover things about the places you are going
  • Split the cost of travelling with the driver – lower fares for you, cost savings for the driver
  • Meet new people and make new friends

Sound good! What do I need to do?

Simply use the Promo Code: HITCHAMATE when placing your booking to get $4 off your FIRST GrabHitch ride.

*Terms Apply.

Here’s a handy guide to booking your first ride:

Some handy tips for you!

Here’s a couple of handy tips to help both you and your fellow Hitchers enjoy using GrabHitch.

1. Book in advance!

(Credit: Calmomatic)

Book in advance though GrabHitch and you never have to worry about sudden changes to your fare on rainy days or when there are lots of people booking at the same venue (we’re looking at you, Coldplay concert!).

We recommend you book the night before or at least 2 hours in advance, to ensure that your route has more opportunity to be noticed. The earlier you book, the more drivers will be able to see your route, and the higher your chance of getting a Hitch!

If your timing is flexible, you could also write a message in the ‘Notes to Driver’ section to let potential drivers know e.g. “I can leave 5-10 mins before/after stated pickup time”.

2. Say HELLO to your driver after your route is accepted!


Say HELLO to your new Hitch Driver via text message to confirm the journey details! Remember to include details like your exact pick up point and timings in your text message. Chances are they might know something interesting about your destination or maybe you do and you could share it with your Hitch driver!

3. Ride “shotgun” – i.e. Take the Front Seat

Most of the time, on GrabHitch, you get to ride shotgun and indeed you should! After all, it’s much easier to chat during the ride when you’re in the front seat.

4. Tell your driver if you have additional passengers with you!

Upon booking, remember to indicate if you have additional passengers taking the ride with you. Click on the box beside “Notes to Driver” to change the number of persons who will be along for the ride if there is more than 1 passenger. The last thing drivers would want is a surprise with additional passengers crowding into their car especially if they are not prepared.

Terms and Conditions:

  • This promotion is only valid with promo code ‘HITCHAMATE
  • Rides must be taken between 7 April 2017 and 31 May 2017 to qualify for the promotion
  • Only passengers who have NEVER taken a GrabHitch ride previously are eligible to use this promo code
  • This promotion is only valid for GrabPay rides
  • This promotion is only valid for fares not exceeding SGD16 per trip
  • Each passenger is entitled to ONE use of the promo code during the promotion period
  • GrabCar Pte Ltd reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice