Your Approval To Drive Has Expired
Please re-apply for an Approval to Course.

Your Approval To Drive (ATD) expired on 30 June 2018.

Don’t worry, if you are interested to obtain a PDVL, you can apply for a new Approval to Attend Course (ATC) please proceed HERE

Uber FastLane: If you’ve previously signed up to take your PDVL with Uber’s FastLane programme, please scroll down to the FAQs to find out more.

Frequently Asked Questions


What Is Express One?

Express One is the fastest application process to attain your PDVL certification and the easiest way to pass your PDVL test. We have partnered with the Singapore Taxi Academy to provide certified trainers with real world experience to strengthen your competency for your PDVL test!

Free revision class

Increase your chance of passing. Join our free revision class at the Learning Hub at Grab @ Sin Ming.

More classrooms and exam centres

Join our express queue and complete your training up to 50% faster.

Frequently Asked Questions


At Grab, you can enjoy ExpressOne – the fastest and smoothest application process to attaining your PDVL certification. As an ATD holder, you’ll get:

  • Shorter waiting time for training, taking and/or retaking the PDVL test
  • Dedicated rooms for your training and your tests within Grab premises
  • Official PDVL-trained trainers

TDVL holders need not apply for the PDVL, so you can continue driving with Grab as long as your TDVL is valid.

Please send us a copy of your NRIC so that we can verify the status of your TDVL. You may send it in via or upload your document here with subject “Proof to Drive”.

Yes, you can. Grab is happy to support all our driver partners, whether they are taxi or private hire car drivers. This is why we will also support partners interested in obtaining their TDVL. To do so, simply check the box for TDVL in the application form. Grab will cover all related fees, similar to the PDVL.

The TDVL allows you to drive both taxis and private hire cars. You are also allowed to take street hail jobs when driving a taxi. However, there are different eligibility criteria for TDVL and PDVL (see table below). To obtain your TDVL, you will also have to undergo a more rigorous training course that takes 25 hours.
Eligibility criteria for TDVL and PDVL:

Yes, you can certainly do so. Just head into LTA at 10 Sin Ming Drive to submit your application form. However, we recommend that you submit your application through us for a waiver of related fees and a more convenient application process.

If you have applied for your PDVL through LTA and have received your approval letter from LTA, please send us a copy and state your NRIC. You may send it in via email to with subject “Proof to Drive”.

For Approval to Drive (ATD)-holders, you can currently continue driving with Grab. However, you must complete your medical check-up, training and test by 30 June 2018 to avoid being deactivated.

No, LTA only allows one application per driver. Multiple applications may result in delays in processing your PDVL. If you have applied for your PDVL through other channels and have received your approval letter from LTA, please send us a copy and state your NRIC number. You may send it in via email to with subject “Proof to Drive”.


Besides being an LTA requirement, we want to ensure that all partners are healthy while on the road.

Yes, you may choose to head to your preferred licensed physician and send us a copy of your medical report by contacting with the subject “PDVL Medical” so that we can guide you through the next steps. However, why would you want to do so when you can head to Grab’s appointed healthcare providers to enjoy a hassle-free screening sponsored by Grab!

Grab has appointed SATA CommHealth to provide you with a medical examination, that will be sponsored by Grab.

Grab will notify you at each step of the process, and guide you through the follow-up actions.


SkillsFuture is a national movement to provide Singaporeans with the opportunities to develop their fullest potential throughout life. Every Singaporean above 25 has an initial $500 credits. Your PDVL training course fee is claimable from SkillsFuture. Check your credit amount via SkillsFuture Portal here

If you are not eligible for SkillsFuture credits, Grab will cover your costs for training.

Simply register at 18 Sin Ming Lane, Midview City, #01-11, or Grab@Herencia and bring along the following items:

  • English Certificate
    • GCE ‘O’ or ‘N’ level pass in English (grade D7 and above)
    • Workplace Literacy (WPL) programme pass in English (level 3 or higher)
  • $155.15 (cash) for your training materials, course and test fee.
    • Training course and test fees of $128.40 is claimable with your SkillsFuture Credits (STA Receipt will be issued to you on the training course date).
    • $26.75 for training materials is claimable from Grab.
  • Medical Report (if you obtained it)

The following are allowed expenses claimable from Grab. Upon approval, the amounts will be added to your credit wallet.

All claims are to be submitted via

The training will take 8 hours.

Don’t panic. If you fail 1 paper $15 + 7% GST applies, if  you fail 2 papers $20 + 7% GST applies. You may register to retake it multiple times at an affordable fee of $5/test + $10 admin fee. However, this will be at your own expense.

You may reschedule your course by coming down to Grab @28 Sin Ming Lane, Midview City, #01-143 or Email to rescheduling fee will apply as stated below:
– Request to change course date 2 weeks before course starts, admin fee of $10 + 7% GST applies.
– Request to change course date less than 2 weeks before course starts, admin fee of $25 + 7% GST applies.
– Absent without any valid reason, re-course fee of $100 + 7% GST applies.
(payment must made at our Grab office before booking for a new course date)
You are responsible for ensuring successful rescheduling before the course date via email. Rescheduling of your exam by phone, physical mail, or fax is not available.

Online sign up closed on 7th June 2018, if you have yet to sign up for your PDVL, visit Grab@Sin Ming, or Grab@Herencia to do so.

  • No refund for cancellation notice given less than 2 weeks before course starts.
  • Request to cancel course 2 weeks before course starts, admin fee of $25 + 7% GST applies.
  • If you did not attend or complete the scheduled course, course fee will be forfeited.

ExpressOne x FastLane

We’re pleased to announce that FastLane and ExpressOne will be combining operations. You will be able to continue your certification process fully supported by Grab. We’re committed to facilitate your PDVL application.

Drivers with ATD (Approval-to-Drive) who signed up through Uber have the options to :


  • Collect their Medical Reports (MR) at Level 4 UBER Herencia Lounge @46 Kim Yan Road once Grab/Uber informed that MR is ready for collection and proceed to book their PDVL course, test and complete necessary application process through Grab (ExpressOne) or independently through STA (if they have not attended the training or test); or
  • Continue with the PDVL application through FastLane and the team will reach out to you soon regarding the next PDVL process.


Please sign up at

Drivers who have completed their medical check with RGM can retrieve their Medical Reports (MR) from Level 4 UBER Herencia Lounge @46 Kim Yan Road once Grab/Uber informs that MR is ready for collection  and proceed to book PDVL course and test through Grab (ExpressOne) or STA if they have not done so.

If they have completed the PDVL training and test, the drivers can retrieve the medical report as per above arrangement and pass it to the training providers (STA or Comfort Training) for them to process the Temp PDVL.

While awaiting for the English WPL Assessment results, drivers can proceed to book PDVL course and test through Grab (ExpressOne) or STA if they have not done so. Grab/Uber will inform the driver once the English WPL Assessment is ready or if there is a need to retake the assessment.

Drivers can collect their Temp PDVL upon passing the test at the respective training providers.

Please proceed to your respective training center (STA or CDG) to make the collection for your Temporary Vocational License (Temp VL). Please note that you must submit all supporting documents before being issued the license (ATC/ATD, Medical Report, English Certificate).