GC Premium Weekly Incentive 13th – 19th Mar

Earn Minimum $35 per online hour plus $3 EXTRA CASH per trip 

plus FREE LEVY every day this week!

From 5:30pm to 10:29pm every day this week (13th Mar to 19th Mar) , drive as much as you can on GrabCar Premium and you will earn $35 per online hour! The longer you drive, the more you earn in guaranteed fares!

In addition, earn $3 EXTRA CASH per trip you pick up at CBD and Central (incl. Sentosa)!

That’s not all! For all day every day this week, you pay NO COMMISSIONS by maintaining an Acceptance Rate of 85% & above, and Cancellation Rate of less than 10%.

*Refer here for valid Pickup locations within CBD, and Central (incl. Sentosa).

Easy to Understand Guide for Hourly Guarantee Incentive

Q1: How is my earning calculated?

A1: From 5:30pm to 10:29pm each day, given you fulfil the minimum rides requirement, you will be paid by ($35 X your online hours during 5:30pm to 10:29pm minus total fare for the day) X 80%

Q2: Is there any example of the calculation?

A2: Here is an example:

Mr. Tan drove on 13th Mar from 5:30pm to 8pm and from 8:30pm to 10:29pm. Whilst driving, he took some breaks, so the total online hours he completed was 4 hours instead of 4.5 hours. During this time, he completed 4 GC Premium trips (total fares $100, inclusive of surge pricing). He has fulfilled the minimum rides requirement as he completed 4 jobs in total.

Calculation of how much Mr. Tan will earn on top of his fares:

4h X $35 – $100 = $40

After deducting 20% Grab Commission from $40, $32 will be paid into Mr. Tan’s bank account in the week starting 20th Mar (note: 20% commission will be deducted as per usual from the fares collected)