Key to Independence: Sze Ling, Singapore

Key to Independence: “I lost my sight to glaucoma when I was 4 years old. As a result, I only have light perception. As far as possible, I think I’m just like any other visually impaired person. I would like to be independent and do as many things as possible without much help. The Grab app has helped me to travel on my own more easily. The app works well with my phone’s screen reader function, where a pre-programmed voice would read out what’s on the screen.

There’s this area where I can alert the driver about my condition and ask the driver to look out for me especially when I’m alone. In a big way, it alleviates my concerns about travelling. I no longer have to rely on family and friends, even if I have to go to unfamiliar places.

I also like the “Share My Ride” function so that the people whom I’m meeting can look out for me when I arrive.” – Sze Ling, Singapore