Inspiring Delivery Community: Mokhtar, Singapore

Inspiring Delivery Community: Since I had a stroke several years ago, I couldn’t go back to my job as a currency analyst. I became reliant on a mobility device, and my brain function and memory deteriorated. As the sole breadwinner of my family of 6, I really needed to pick myself up. I needed to continue earning a salary. Sadly, I was rejected by numerous potential employers due to my condition. I then decided to be a GrabFood delivery partner when the service started in Singapore in 2018. This job is great as it is flexible and I can do it with my mobility device. Customers are generally very open and understanding of my condition. The merchants are also very kind, and many of them even help to arrange the food orders nicely for me on my mobility device. With the flexibility I have, I am able to attend a digital marketing course from 9 to 5pm, and work as a GrabFood delivery partner at night. The work itself, I feel, has also helped to improve my memory and brain function. This is because I have to remember customers’ orders, and communicate with them and merchants. I am now also able to conduct quranic lessons once a week at my place. Our GrabFood delivery partner community is extremely close-knit, and we help each other out as much as possible. Many of us even chipped in to help one of the riders buy another e-scooter! I’m happy to be able to contribute again to my family and to others who are in need.” – Mokhtar, Singapore