Passion and Compassion: Lisza Buscaino-Redulla, Philippines

Passion and Compassion: “I never thought I would find my passion at my age. I got tired of office jobs and when I decided to join Grab in 2016, that’s the moment I realised that driving is really my passion. One of my more memorable moments was when I picked up a mother and daughter pair. The father had just died and they had to go back and forth from Cavite to the hospital in Makati to prepare the documents. It was evident that they haven’t slept at all due to the immense amount of work in preparation for the wake. Whenever I encounter situations like this, I don’t ask for the fare. No matter how big or small it is, I know it will be a big help to them. They say that you’ll only feel the joy and excitement when you’re new to the job. Now, I enjoy the best of both worlds – doing a full-time job and leading a council of different driver groups. In a male dominated industry, I’m proud to say that I’m one of the few lady drivers.”

– Lisza Buscaino-Redulla, Philippines