Love in Delivery: Mohd Afandi, Malaysia

Love in Delivery:
“We met in June 2018, during the GrabFood onboarding session in Kuala Lumpur. I thought she was attractive but we were just friends then. She didn’t start delivering food immediately, but she was in one of our rider group chats and that’s how we got to know each other better. Once when I had an accident but still continued delivering food while still bleeding from a wound, she really pushed me to see a doctor first. She was really concerned about me and I was touched. We are a ‘low-key’ couple. We like simple things. Our dates usually took place when we meet to catch up with each other and friends at Nagasari Curry House in KL – it’s where a lot of riders hang out when we are between jobs. When we decided to get married, the GrabFood theme for our photoshoot actually came from our photographer. She liked the colour green and wanted to have a green wedding. So, it all fit! We hope to start a family soon.”
– Mohd Afandi, Malaysia