Peace of Mind: Masrinah, Singapore

Peace of Mind: “I’m a working mother of three. Since my two older kids were in Primay 4, I have encouraged them to be more independent. I would assign them household chores such as preparing the table for meals, and also, letting them travel on their own. Twice a week, my husband has to leave early for work. He wouldn’t be able to drop the kids at their respective schools and me at work. On those days, things get even busier than usual. I have to send the kids to school and get to work on time. That’s when we rely on Grab.

I would communicate with my driver via GrabChat. I would tell the driver that my kids will be boarding the ride instead of me. GrabChat adds a human touch to the whole ride-hailing experience. As a mother, it reassures me and puts me at ease when the driver sends me a simple message to let me know whether my kids have been picked up or dropped off safely.”

– Masrinah, Singapore