Consistent Opportunities: Jonathan, Philippines

Consistent Opportunities: “I used to be a taxi driver. One of the most frustrating things about my former job was dealing with the Metro Manila city traffic, and not knowing if I will have a passenger or not. It felt like I had no control over how many jobs I’d get. So, 5 years back, I decided to try a better solution to this problem – I signed up with Grab. I no longer have to drive mindlessly waiting for a street hail or get into long lines at the taxi stand. Bookings come in through the app and I feel empowered because I can choose when I’d like to work. I earn more consistently now and I have lesser worries about providing for my wife and 2 kids. I’ve been saving up too. I’m lucky to be able to send my children to private high schools. My Grab earnings also helped me buy 4 new cars which I now use and rent out as part of my business.”
– Jonathan, Philippines