Diverse Income Opportunities, Sumiyati, Indonesia.  

Diverse Income Opportunities: “I’ve been operating my decorative fish kiosk at a different location but had to move to Radio Dalam in South Jakarta in 2008. Through the years, it has gotten more challenging to maintain the business. Many loyal customers from my previous location found it tough to get to the new place. Then, I started seeing a good business opportunity in airtime sales – many visitors often ask me for the nearest airtime kiosk. I started selling airtime and mobile accessories as well. Soon, I joined Kudo as an agent and that’s when my business really took off. Besides helping people with airtime top-ups airtime, I can also help them with bill payments, and to buy train tickets and online products. And when Grab and Kudo merged, I could register Grab drivers too! One of the best ways to let potential drivers know that I can register them easily is through Facebook. Since promoting via Facebook, I’ve recruited over 90 drivers from that platform alone.” – Sumiyati, Indonesia.