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Confidence in Serving

Confidence in Sharing: “Being a Grab driver with Tourette Syndrome is challenging especially when people doubt my ability to give them a safe ride. I had one passenger who wanted to drive instead, fearing we would be involved in an accident. I informed him that it was not allowed and besides, I could do it. Halfway through the trip, I saw him sleeping soundly in the passenger seat. When he got down, he said, “Kuya, napasaludo mo ko” (“Now, I admire you” in English). I hope people would look at the positive side. Like everyone else, I wouldn’t go into a job if I know I’m not capable of doing it. It gives me joy whenever my passengers understand my condition. It warms my heart when I know I inspire my passengers and get to share stories with them. Because of them, I can prove to myself that my condition is not a hindrance in serving other people well.” – Marlon Fuentes, Philippines

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