Bringing Happiness on The Road: Raymond Ng Yu, Philippines

Bringing Happiness on The Road: “I like singing at home, especially during my days off but since my children started working late, and on night shifts, I stopped. That’s when I decided to transfer my karaoke system to the car. I started offering it to my passengers and they really enjoyed singing, and even wrote good reviews for me. Passengers would get excited when they find out they’ve booked the GrabCar with karaoke. Most of them would really sing during the entire trip, not minding the heavy traffic. Singing and karaoke makes their day better and lighter. It warms my heart to know that I am sharing happiness with my passengers. I’m already 65 but these moments make me feel young again. At least, I’m able to leave a legacy to them in my own little way and for me, that’s the best part about this job.” – Raymond Ng Yu, Philippines