Restoring Confidence: Sheriff, Singapore

Restoring Confidence: “I lost a leg in a road accident in 2001. Previously, I was working in the shipping industry, but I couldn’t go back to it. Recovery was painful – not only physically, but mentally as well. I was in a very bad place. I actually suffered from depression after my accident, and I felt like I was an outcast from society.

But slowly, with the support of family and friends, I picked myself up. I hated being dependent on people and my current job helps me regain much of my independence. I’m able to earn a decent living doing a job that’s flexible. Flexibility is important as I get tired after being on my leg for a few hours at a stretch. With this job, I can go home, rest and resume working.

There’s also a community of delivery partners who are handicapped like me. They motivate me. When I’m down, I’m inspired by them as they continue delivering food with their wheelchairs and mobility devices.”

– Sheriff, Singapore