Ethics and Fairness in All Dealings

At Grab, we aim to be transparent and fair in all our dealings. The Grab Driver App is intended to allocate jobs in a fair manner to all Drivers and provide an equal chance to all to grow their earnings with us.

Every once in a while we find Drivers single handedly or together with passengers participating in activities which goes against the spirit of ethical and fair dealings. This kind of behavior is unacceptable and deemed as fraudulent where fares and incentives will be disqualified from being paid out to you and even lead to permanent loss to the usage of your account.

All our trips are monitored and the below are some activities you should strongly refrain from participating in to avoid being caught for fraud:

  • COMPLETING A JOB WITHOUT PICKING UP A PASSENGER – you must only start the trip when the intended passenger has entered the vehicle and complete it immediately when the Passenger has alighted.
  • REQUESTING A PASSENGER TO CANCEL A BOOKING ON THE GRAB APP – You must honor the trip and pay the agreed commission required of you to Grab, as you have gained the job via the Grab App.
  • MAKE FAKE BOOKINGS – fake bookings are rides where you are both the driver and passenger of the trip or rides where the passengers are part of coordinated groups/syndicates with no genuine intention of taking a trip.
  • MAKE PRE- ARRANGED TRIPS WITH PASSENGERS – you should not arrange trips by being in close proximity of the passenger upon agreement of trip details outside of the Grab App.
  • FREQUENTLY IGNORE JOBS OR CANCEL BOOKINGS – cancellations should only be reserved for emergencies.
  • DELAY COMPLETING A JOB ON THE GRAB APP – this includes prolonging the trip after a passenger has alighted your vehicle, or delay topping up your credit wallet, or having small balances that are insufficient to receive jobs. This will be considered job avoidance, with the intention to prolong your online hours and gain dishonest qualification towards incentive schemes.
  • INTENTIONALLY PROLONG BOOKING-FREE ONLINE HOURS – this includes placing yourself in locations where demand is low. Use your heatmaps to guide you towards locations where demands are higher.
  • CHARGE ADDITIONAL FEES NOT AGREED UPON – this refers to fares, tolls, and other charges which are not reflective of the route taken without informing the Passenger. Also, never collect cash for GrabPay rides.
  • LET ANYONE DRIVE ON YOUR BEHALF – your identity and vehicle must match the registration form. You must only use the vehicle that has been registered to your account.
  • OPERATE THE VEHICLE WITH MORE THAN 1 DRIVER – this may cause distress and confusion to you and to the Passengers.
  • CONSPIRE TO OBTAIN JOBS DISHONESTLY – this refers to participation in any activities aimed to obtain jobs in a dishonest manner, disrupt operations, or any other acts which are deemed to be against the interests of Grab.
  • INSTALL ILLEGAL SOFTWARE THAT DISRUPT THE NATURAL ALLOCATION OF JOBS – by altering the natural functions of the Grab App, you are gaining unfair advantages over other Drivers who abide by the rules e.g. fake GPS apps, non sanctioned Grab Driver Apps obtained outside the official Google Play Store/ Apple Apps Store. You should also ensure you use devices which have its original manufacturer settings, or have not been rooted/jail-broken, to avoid putting your account and privacy at risk.

As a company, Grab will take a strong stance against any individuals/parties who attempt to gain unfair advantage or unlawful gains on our platform. We deem such acts including but not limited to direct monetary gain or assisted qualification towards monetary gain as fraudulent, and in breach of our Driver’s Terms and Conditions and Driver’s Code of Conduct.

Our policy on Ethics and Fairness in all dealings is not intended to discourage Drivers but is a necessary stance we need to take to protect the livelihoods of our honest drivers.

We strongly urge you to take this stance with us.