Earn more by taking more passengers going the same way.

What is GrabShare?

GrabShare is a carpooling service that allows passengers to share the ride and the fare while Driver-Partners get to earn more by picking up multiple passengers headed along the same way.

This is what a GrabShare trip could look like:

GrabShare utilises existing JustGrab Driver-Partners and allows you to take on multiple jobs per trip for passengers travelling in the same direction. This means you can now potentially earn more by receiving more fares from more matches!

How many passengers can I take per GrabShare trip?

To learn more about GrabShare, please visit here

Update: Now see matches upfront with the new “GrabShare (Matched Upfront)” feature!

That’s not all! You can also:
– Have a greater chance of GrabShare matches
– Potentially earn more per trip
– See total earnings at the start of the trip
– Anticipate routes better by knowing the match locations upfront

How will it look?

New Job Card


How are my ratings and incentives impacted?

Type Job Card with n Rides
Acceptance Rate Counted as +1 job
Cancellation Rate (per individual trip) Counted as +1 cancellation
Incentives Counted as +n trips

Passengers can book this new feature from 8 July 2019 onwards. If you haven’t already, please complete our quick GrabAcademy tutorial* to prep yourself for these improvements. Stay tuned for more features rolling out soon!

Note: You might still receive individual GrabShare jobs or matches (in transit). Commission will be rebated for any unmatched GrabShare jobs.

*Currently open to GrabCar Driver-Partners only.

There are many benefits when driving with GrabShare.

Earn more per trip by taking more passengers going the same way.

Maximise space in your car by filling up your seats with more passengers per trip.

Be kind to the environment. Carpooling reduces your carbon footprint.

How is GrabShare different from JustGrab?


Allows you to take multiple bookings heading in the same direction


GrabCar / JustGrab

Allows you to only take 1 booking at a time.


Take a maximum of 2 passengers per booking.


GrabCar / JustGrab

Take a maximum of 4 passengers per booking.

The chance to earn more is right in your Grab Driver’s App.

Quick Tips for Driver-Partners!

Tolls & ERP Charges

Any tolls or ERP charges will be paid by whichever passenger was in the vehicle when the it passes through the toll or ERP gantry. If there are multiple parties, the charges are split equally.

Follow the App

The Grab app provides the most optimal trip sequence to minimise travelling time. Follow the pick-up and drop-off sequences shown for a seamless experience.

3 Minutes Grace Period

A waiting time grace period of 3 minutes applies at the passenger's pick-up point. Additional waiting time charges will apply after 3 minutes (refer to FAQ below).

How It Works

Simply launch the Grab app and start earning more.

Download App

Scan QR Code


GrabShare is a carpooling service where multiple groups of passengers can share a ride while heading towards the same direction. This can result in cost savings for passengers, and more income for drivers. Please note that GrabShare bookings are disabled from 1:00am to 5:00am daily.

GrabShare increases your earning potential as you will be able to take multiple bookings and passengers within the same trip.

Yes, ignoring or cancelling a GrabShare job will affect your overall AR and CR the same way as ignoring or cancelling any other job.

If Auto Accept is enabled, the top bar of the Auto Accept alert will be blue. If Auto Accept is not enabled, the job card you receive will be blue. Your Grab Driver app will also indicate that it’s a GrabShare job.

This won’t be a problem for GrabShare – each passenger is treated as an individual, and the payment methods do not need to be identical.

A 3-minute grace period is provided during pick-up. At the end of 3 minutes, you may, at your own discretion:
(A) Cancel the booking, or
(B) Continue to wait beyond 3 minutes*, with additional waiting time charges of $3 for per 5-minute blocks

*If there are any other passengers onboard, you will need the consent of the onboard passenger(s) if you wish to wait beyond the 3-minute grace period.

The ERP will be paid by whichever passenger was in the vehicle when the driver passes by the ERP, i.e. if only Passenger A is in the vehicle, Passenger A will pay the ERP fare.

If there are multiple passengers are in the vehicle, the ERP charge will be split equally and rounded up to the nearest $0.05 e.g. if a $2.00 ERP toll is to be split among 3 passengers, each passenger will have to pay $0.70 (rounded up from $0.66).

*Location surcharge for drop-off at Fuji Xerox Towers is applicable, and will be split for all passengers in the vehicle heading to this location.

Politely advise the passenger that you will not be able to transport more passengers than what is indicated in their booking as you may receive more matches, thus resulting in a vehicle overload. The passengers may choose to board with the indicated number of passengers. Otherwise, you may cancel the booking with the cancellation reason “Too many passengers or luggage” – cancelling for such a reason will not affect your cancellation rate, click here to learn more.

Politely advise the passenger(s) that by booking a GrabShare ride, they have accepted that they may be required to share their ride. Please stay calm and do not engage in an argument with your passenger. You may advise them to contact Grab Support if they have issues with the GrabShare service.

You’ll be protected with 0% unmatched commissions for ALL jobs, regardless of whether the driver is on AA. The Earnings Guarantee provides further income protection for you.

If you are subjected to commission rates higher than 20%, you will only get 20% of the fare commissions back.

Additional stops or change in drop-off location are not permitted for GrabShare. If a passenger on GrabShare makes such a request, please advise them that this is not allowed, and that they may choose to book another ride after alighting at their initial destination. Alternatively, if they decide to drop early before their destination, you may drop them off but the original full fare of the ride will be charged.

Please set the meter according to the fixed fare of the current ride. If a passenger requires a physical receipt, do check and revise the amount where necessary, before printing.

You may ferry up to three parties of passengers at any one time. Each party is allowed to bring one additional passenger.*  Please note that the number of passengers at any one time would never exceed the number of available seats in your vehicle.


*From 30 September, passengers will be charged up to $1 for the additional seat request. (i.e. A booking for 2 passengers instead of 1)